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Paving the Way for a Safe Return to Campus

While schools have reopened, some higher education institutions might have on-going online learning since MCO which began in March. At Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, the safety of its staff and students remains a priority as it gears up for its upcoming September intake. NUMed continues the tradition of excellence set by Newcastle University, UK, by offering a Foundation in Biological and Biomedical Sciences programme and undergraduate degrees in Medicine (MBBS) and Biomedical Sciences (BSc). In compliance with the guidelines set out by Malaysia Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE), the campus will continue its online classes until further notice. 

Meanwhile, academic and support staff have been back on campus working on alternate days since June as they continue with online classes and prepare for the new academic year. Cleaning and sanitisation of the NUMed campus are scheduled daily to ensure a healthy environment is maintained.  Additionally, a sanitising station and temperature screening for everyone entering the campus are in place as preventive measures against the spread of Covid-19. Signposts promoting key hygiene practices and social distancing can also be seen around campus. Furthermore, Newcastle University's own online resources on well-being as well as external online resources are promoted to help students look after their own well-being during the pandemic and get used to the new norm when face-to-face classes resume.

Dr Ma Brenda Pancho, an associate professor and Dean of Student Affairs, describes the team's commitment to be very much alive at this time. We try to support each other, working in our respective teams.She explains that NUMed has set up a buddy system for staff to maintain online social connection and to discuss current issues on online teaching and learning. Regular online staff meetings are also conducted so that the university is ready to switch back to regular learning when the time comes.

As one of the top medical education providers in Malaysia, NUMed is committed to providing educational excellence to its students. Caring mentors have always played a central role in the university's learning approach that emphasises the holistic development of both the hearts and minds of students. During this trying time, academic and personal mentors were enjoined to keep regular contact with their mentees/tutees, and pastoral/counselling support is easily available if needed. Students who require extra support are also monitored closely,explained Dr Brenda.

Practical support is provided by NUMed as well, from free meals for students stranded on campus, accommodation support and bursaries for students who have not been able to return to their hometowns or countries to travel assistance for those travelling back home. Meanwhile, the Student Support service will continue to offer guidance and assistance to ensure that students are well-adjusted and feel empowered to build their future during this uncertain time.

NUMed is currently accepting applications for the September intake of its Foundation in Biological and Biomedical Sciences, BSc (Honours) Biomedical Sciences, and MBBS programmes.

MBBS students have the options to do Elective study in the UK in their fourth year for up to 8 weeks. Similarly, the BSc (Honours) Biomedical Sciences is a 2+1 programme, where students spend their final year engaged in an intensive research project in the UK. All the programmes of study lead to the award of the same degrees as those offered at the parent campus in the UK.

For details, you may email, call 07-555 3800, WhatsApp 011-1231 5411 or 012-7849456, or visit the NUMed website at

published on: 21 August 2020