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Reaping the Benefits of Student Clubs & Societies

In today’s world, a university degree means more than it has ever before. One way in which Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) differs from other universities is its emphasis on well-rounded education. While academic performance is important and should be a key priority for all students, learning and honing crucial soft skills will stand them in good stead when they enter the workforce and advance in their careers in future.

NUMed’s clubs and societies provide a dynamic method for students to develop beyond academics and enhance themselves socially, intellectually, emotionally, and physically. They give students a personal added advantage over their peers that may prove beneficial to their future careers. For example, being a part of the debate club gives students the tools to be quick thinking communicators while being on a committee of sports game events allows students to hone their organisational and leadership skills. Even more recreational activities such as photography develops creativity and observational abilities.

In addition, student clubs and societies act as a perfect way for students to practice work-life balance. Dania Bassim, BMS student and president of Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia’s (NUMed) Student Association shared that they are healthy, purposeful, and effective recreational methods for students to de-stress and explore their passions and interests.

“The clubs and societies in NUMed provide students with a platform to meet new people, discover new skills, interests and as a routine getaway from academic life. I feel it’s vital for us students to have an escape from studying, and clubs allow us to do this without compromising on productivity, since we’re still doing something meaningful and constructive. The clubs and events give us something to look forward to, and it’s important to have something to look forward to,” stated the president of the Student Association.

Student clubs and societies also serve to strengthen the bonds between university students and foster a more open and inclusive community. They allow students to expand their social circles and network across age groups and courses. Research has demonstrated that a supportive and collaborative campus environment positively impacts a student’s academic success. In a vibrant and positive community, students become more engaged and invested in their university life and studies.

Dania shared that the societies, clubs, and events bring students together to create a student culture of ‘openness’ in NUMed where students are very keen on opening up to new ideas, perspectives and activities, and socialising with people from drastically different backgrounds. “The clubs and societies in NUMed cultivate an open mind, a willingness to open yourself up to a world of endless knowledge, experiences and culture, which to me, personally, is extremely important to the self-development of these students,” she highlighted.

With an emphasis on both academic excellence and extra-curricular activities, NUMed prides itself on developing well-rounded students who possess the knowledge and skills to become brilliant and exceptional medical professionals. Established in 2009, NUMed is the first fully - owned international branch campus of Newcastle University, UK, in Johor, Malaysia, that offers undergraduate degrees in Medicine (BMS) and Biomedical Sciences (Bsc) as well as opportunities for postgraduate studies. The programmes of study lead to the award of the same degrees as those studied at its parent campus in the UK. To find out more about NUMed's programmes, excellent facilities, and student life, visit

published on: 20 August 2019