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The Making of Caring Doctors

DOCTORS play an important role and their empathy makes all the difference to a patient’s life. In fact, doctors can be a source of hope and strength.

Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed), based in Iskandar Puteri, Johor, has been an inspiring presence for those who wish to dedicate themselves to the medical profession, to contribute to healthcare and society.

Aspiring doctors can realise their dream career at NUMed, which is the choice medical education provider in the country.

“The teaching at NUMed strives to develop well-rounded graduates who are patient-focused in their practice. Our integrated, case-based approach removes the traditional divide between pre-clinical and clinical training, ” said NUMed MBBS dean Dr Paul Hubbard.

He said the varsity emphasised critical thinking and development of clinical reasoning which are important skills for any aspiring doctor.

Students choose NUMed because the varsity is a global collaboration of research scientists, medical doctors and teaching professionals with a reputation for innovation and excellence for both research and teaching, he added.

“Our MBBS programme is consistently one of the most highly-regarded MBBS in the UK, ” he said.

As a founding member of the Russell Group, Newcastle University UK is recognised as a world-class research-intensive varsity and is consistently ranked in the top 20 in the UK for research and student exposure.

“Technology-enhanced learning is a key part of teaching at NUMed and is embedded throughout our curriculum, from a bespoke virtual medical learning environment (MLE) to use of 3D software for anatomy teaching, and simulation using advanced patient simulators to aid clinical skills development, ” Dr Hubbard shared.

He said NUMed has produced over 600 medical graduates since its founding in 2011 and currently sees over 100 students graduate each year.

The intake for Year One of the MBBS degree at NUMed starts in September each year.

“The medical degree at NUMed is a five-year degree, with the option for an extra ‘intercalation year’ based in the UK whereby students can complete a research masters degree.

“The opportunity to intercalate may be particularly attractive for students who wish to explore an area in greater depth and gain experience in research, ” he said.

While all five years of the MBBS programme are delivered in Malaysia, he said that there are opportunities for students during their second and fourth year to study for some time at the parent university.

“The opportunity in the second year is an ‘exchange programme’ whereby students from the NUMed campus study for a period of time in the UK whilst UK-based students come to NUMed to study, ” he said.

On the qualification to study medicine at NUMed, Dr Hubbard said the university would consider each applicant on an individual basis, and that the students need to demonstrate a high level of academic achievement and excellent results in their pre-university examinations.

On costs for the medical degree study at NUMed, he said: “A single inclusive fee is charged to cover the costs of tuition, library, laboratory, placements, examination, administration fee, and all other academic-related charges.

“For Malaysian students it is RM97,850 per annum for each of the five years of the programme. For international students it is RM110,000 per annum, for each of the five years, ” he explained.

On special discounts for students, he pointed to the Vice Chancellor’s NUMed Merit Awards. Each year, progression awards are accorded to students who achieved academic distinction in their previous year of study.

“Each award is for one year, and is equivalent in value to 10% of the annual fee, ” he said.

In addition, he said there are JPA scholarships available for high achievers in SPM, and the Sabah government offers scholarship for students from Sabah.

Obtaining a UK medical qualification can open up wider options for career development for aspiring doctors.

Upon completion of the programme, they will be eligible for provisional registration as a doctor with the UK General Medical Council (GMC) and the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC).

“Newcastle University’s purpose is to deliver in Malaysia an educational experience of sufficient range, depth and rigour to provide aspiring doctors with the knowledge, understanding, practical skills, competencies and professional attitude required for them to enter their first experience of clinical practice as a pre-registration house officer and upon which they will build in the development of their future career, ” Dr Hubbard concluded.


published on: 21 August 2020