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Time Management Tips for Medical Students

Medical school is known for its notoriously tight schedules, where students barely have time to spare for themselves. In the midst of juggling medical definitions in their heads, medical students have to master time management to find a perfect balance between their academics, extra-curricular activities, and personal hobbies. Continue reading for some handy tips we have compiled for you to get through the daunting five years at medical school like a pro.

1) Finding an efficient study method
A huge workload is a given when you’re a medical student. As such, it is essential for you to figure out the study method that suits you best so that you are enabled to achieve academic excellence. However, it is important to note that finding that perfect study fit could take a lot of trial and error as the effectiveness of the study methods may vary according to individual preferences and styles.

2) Making a schedule and sticking to it
For any busy person, schedules are a great way to keep track of one’s tasks at hand. For a medical student, it is an indispensable tool. This way, you are able to organise your day and ensure that you are on top of everything so that nothing important gets ignored.

3) Outsourcing errands
During your medical education journey, finding time to get your daily tasks done could be difficult, especially when you have clinical rotations to contend with as well. Chores like cleaning your room and getting the laundry done, which are often time-consuming, can be outsourced to professional services or by taking turns with friends.

4) Taking a break
You can't just be studying and going to classes all the day. No matter how busy you get, always find some time for a worthwhile break. Schedule regular breaks for meditation or workout sessions. A daily dose of exercise to your routine helps in getting your mind and body going. And don’t forget to allow yourself permission to indulge in some of your favourite hobbies.

5) Removing distractions
While studying, ensure that you are away from mobile phones and social media. If you are studying on the computer or laptop, sign out from your social media accounts to get rid of distractions. This will prevent you from continuously checking them for updates and your work will be able to be done faster.

Leveraging on the medical excellence of its parent campus in the UK, Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) provides students with holistic education that emphasises finding the right balance between academic and non-academic pursuits.

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published on: 22 November 2019