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Ways to Make the Most of Your Time at NUMed

Congratulations! You have just graduated into a new stage of life - medical school. Being in medical school can be some of the best years of your life, if you know how to make the journey satisfying, rewarding and above all, enjoyable!

Here are 5 ways for you to make the most of your time at NUMed.

1.    Push yourself beyond your comfort zone and get involved

Arriving at university can be the most nerve-wrecking, yet exciting experience. The beginning of university is probably the best time to explore new friendships and join in with the existing student social networks. It helps to get involved with the community to meet people who share the same goals and aspirations as you. A great way to meet new similarly motivated people who would drive and challenge you is by joining clubs, societies and social events. NUMed has a rich background of student-lead activities that one can partake in, such as NUMed Games, where there are a wide range of sporting events, and community-based projects where students put their practical and soft skills to good use.

2.    Learn from those around you

In NUMed, you will find yourself surrounded by people you can learn from: your peers who have all done amazing things and pursued extraordinary passions to be here in this school, your academics who have a wealth of knowledge that they would be very happy to share with you and not to forget, your mentors who are willing to impart their expertise and assist you in your medical journey.

3.    Go out, have fun!

Your journey to becoming a doctor is a marathon, not a sprint. As such, do things that bring you joy and try to engage in your hobbies regularly as a means to destress. Hang out with your friends and pick up a sport or hobby to keep yourself emotionally and physically healthy.

4.    Learn together

In NUMed, we believe that studying medicine is a team game. So it is far better to study with your peers than to compete against them. Learning from other people enables you to learn things you might not have known and by the same vein, you will also be able to share your knowledge with them.

5.    Set out your agenda and priorities

It is extremely vital for you to identify your goals soon after arriving at NUMed. Prepare a list of what is most important to you and what you want to get from your degree. For example, to become a competent doctor, you need to go beyond the basic lecture material and satisfy your curiosity about what you have been taught.

For more details on how to kickstart your university journey with NUMed, email, call 07-555 3800, WhatsApp 011-1231 5411 / 012-7849456, or visit the NUMed website at

published on: 20 November 2020