Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia

Staff Profile

Hani Shuhaimi

Senior Admissions Manager


My journey at NUMed started in October 2010. I report directly to the Chief Operating Officer.

Presently I am responsible for the Admissions Section and I ensure that all student enquiries are handled efficiently and in a timely manner so that students have a great experience even before they join us.  I'm also responsible in ensuring that all applications received are fully supported with supporting documents before the screening process begin, in order to comply with Ministry of Higher Education and Malaysian Medical Council regulations.

Since the Admissions Section mainly involves the pre-admission process, I need to ensure that our international students have all the correct documentation to enter Malaysia for the first time. My team help our new International students find out everything they need to know before coming to Malaysia and assist them through the EMGS process.

In addition, my job also requires me to assist our local students to apply for PTPTN loans.

I work closely with our Post-Admissions team so that our students have a smooth transition after they have officially registered with the University.