Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia

Staff Profile

Dr Hassan Karali

Senior Lecturer (Clinical)


I am 49, married to community medicine specialist "Eman", father of 2 daughters "Rula,24" and "Tamara,22". I am from Iraq, consultant Gynaecologist & Obstetrician, Senior lecturer in NUMed, got my speciality from The Iraqi Board in OBS/GYN 1998. I climbed the highest peak in south-east Asia " Mount Kinabalu " in Jan. 2014. 


1.pediatric female genital injury 1998.

2. Retrospective study of Hydatiform moles, joined study with UMS  

3. OBS & GYN Mind Maps as teaching aid        


- Visiting lecturer in Al-Mustanseria Medical college\ Iraq 1999.

-Lecturer in Al-Qadesia Medical college\ Iraq 200-2003.

-Visiting lecturer in Babylon Medical college\ Iraq 2001.

-Lecturer in College of Science & Technology\Jordan 2004-2007.

-Honorary lecturer in University Malaysia Sabah\ Malaysia 2007-2009.

-Senior Lecturer in NUMed\ Malaysia 2014- present "Lead of WH EJR".

-Examiner in many Universities for under & post graduates.