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Joey Ramos

Clinical Instructor


Role of Clinical Instructor:

 I am responsible for the supervision, coaching, development, organization and teaching  on  the MBBS  programme  as  required.  I provide  students  with opportunities to acquire the knowledge and practice the skills identified by the course objectives using varied and appropriate teaching methods. I also participate in program evaluation  and  other  continuous  improvement  processes and engage  in  professional development opportunities. 


Post Graduate in Medical Education, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

PhD in Nursing Administration (present), Our Lady of Fatima University, Philippines

Certificate in Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language, De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines

Master of Arts in Nursing Administration, Our Lady of Fatima University, Philippines 

Certificate in Professional Education, University of the Philippines, Diliman

Licensed Professional Teacher as certified by the Board of Professional Teachers

Post Graduate Certificate in Oncology Nursing, Lung Center of the Philippines

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Philippines

Registered Nurse as certified by the Philippine Board of Nursing


Association for the Development of Teaching, Education and Learning (ADTEL), India - Lifetime Member

Philippine Nurses Association - Member

Awards and Recognitions:

Outstanding Teacher for Schoolyear 2016-2017, Senior High School Department, Marcelo H. del Pilar National High School, Bulacan, Philippines

Outstanding Faculty for Schoolyear 2014-2015, College of Nursing, World Citi College, Quezon City, Philippines

Student Choice Award for Schoolyear 2013-2014, College of Nursing, World Citi College, Quezon City, Philippines


Contributing Writer at DiabetEASE Magazine and Health & Lifestyle Magazine by friendly Alliances and Media Expressions, Inc. (FAME Publishing, Inc.)





A Quantitative Research on "Pressure and Stress: Its Effect to the Academic Performance of Fourth Year Nursing Students at Our Lady of Fatima University", April 2006, Quezon City, Philippines


1. Part of the working group of the Clinical Skills Lab  and  involved in the Phase 1 Clinical Skills

                        Lab sessions and to their Clinical skills revision

           a.   Hand Hygiene                                 g. CVS exam

           b.   BP and Pulses                                 h.  Abdominal exam  

           c.   Venepuncture                                i.   Exam of Sensory Motor Function Lower Limb

           d.   CSC3-Basic First Aid                      j.   Breast Exam

           e.  CPR Revision & ETHICS                  k. Large Knee Exam

           f.  Respiratory Exam 

       2. Part of the Simulation working  Group and involved in  the Simulation sessions 

          (SIM MOSLER, FOCP, EJR, CIDR, HBP, Critical Illness, Paeds SIM, OB-Emergency) Stage 3, 4 & 3.      


       3.  Participated in the Stage 3- FOCP teaching session on

              a. Venepuncture using Vacutainer  

              b. Basic Manual Handling 

              c. Blood Glucose Measurement

4. Involved for the Stage 1 and Stage2 in their KK visit  in the Klinik Kesihatan Mammodiah (KKM) and Klinik Kesihatan Sultan Ismael (KKSI)


      5. Involved in the Stage 2- Home Visit  as part of the CIDR/LCS module

       6. Acted as examiner  for  the Phase 1 MOCK OSCE and OSCE

                 a. CPR station   

                 b. BP station  

                 c. Venepuncture station

        7.  Assisted in the OSCE and MOSLER Examinations for Stages  3 and 5 

        8. Participated in the Small group-Hospital Debriefing session Stage1 and Stage2

        9. Participated in the History taking sessions Stage2 -Breast History