Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia

Staff Profile

Judy Bien

Clinical Instructor


Roles and Responsibilties as Clinical Instructor

  • Provides high quality and innovative teaching and other related medical skills and procedures to medical students.
  • Currently involved in the Clinical Skills Lab teaching session for Stage 1 and 2.
  • Involved in the Simulation training teaching sessions for Stage 3 and 5 utilising the SimMan 3G.
  • Participates in the role of developing teaching and pedagogy in NUMED Malaysia across all disciplines.
  • Sets, marks and assesses course work and examinations, providing timely and effective feedback to students.
  • Assists the students in integration of theory and practice, specific to the course’s learning activities and level of the learner.



Certificate in Medical Education - Newcastle University, UK (January – December 2015)

Master of Science in Nursing – Aquinas University, Philippines (SY 2005-2009)

Bachelor of Science in Nursing – Ago Medical and Educational Center, Philippines (SY 1990-1994)



Pan Asia Simulation Society in Healthcare (PASSH) - Singapore

Nursing Professional Group - Malaysia

Philippines Nurses Association- Phillipines


      1. Part of the working group of the Clinical Skills Lab  and  involved in the Phase 1 Clinical Skills

                        Lab sessions and to their Clinical skills revision

           a.   Hand Hygiene                                 g. CVS exam

           b.   BP and Pulses                                 h.  Abdominal exam  

           c.   Venepuncture                                i.   Exam of Sensory Motor Function Lower Limb

           d.   CSC3-Basic First Aid                      j.   Breast Exam

           e.  CPR Revision & ETHICS                  k. Large Knee Exam

           f.  Respiratory Exam 

       2. Part of the Simulation working  Group and involved in  the Simulation sessions 

          (SIM MOSLER, FOCP, EJR, CIDR, HBP, Critical Illness, Paeds SIM, OB-Emergency) Stage 3, 4 & 3.      


       3.  Participated in the Stage 3- FOCP teaching session on

              a. Venepuncture using Vacutainer  

              b. Basic Manual Handling 

              c. Blood Glucose Measurement

      4. Involved and acted as KK Supervisor/Coordinator for the Stage 1 and Stage2 in their KK visit  in the   

           Klinik Kesihatan Mammodiah(KKM) in HSA and KKTU (Peads) 


      5. Involved in the Stage 2- Home Visit  as part of the CIDR/LCS module

       6. Acted as examiner  for  the Phase 1 MOCK OSCE and OSCE

                 a. CPR station   

                 b. BP station  

                 c. Venepuncture station

        7.  Assisted in the OSCE and MOSLER Examinations for Stages  3 and 5 

        8. Participated in the Small group-Hospital Debriefing session Stage1 and Stage2

        9. Participated in the History taking sessions Stage2 -Breast History

        10. Acted as one of the Facilitator of the Inter-Professional Education (IPE) Stage 2

        11. Delivered 3  lectures:

                     - CSC3: Basic First Aid 2 for Stage 2 MBBS students @ Baylis Theatre,

                     - CSC2.5: Blood Pressure and Pulses Stage1 @ Jordan Theatre 

                     - CSC 2.12: Introduction to First Aid


         12. Participated in the  Consolidation week teaching for Stage 5 ( e.g. P4P, Bad Day on Call)

         13. Attended the Large Group teaching session –September 2015

         14. Delivered a talk about the APMEC Conference at the Staff Development Meeting

         15. Attended in the Staff development Meeting held every Friday at Iskandar Demo Theatre