Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia

Staff Profile

Nor Raihanah

HR Assistant


Academic Qualification

  1. Master in Education (Management and Administration); Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Johor. (2017)
  2. Bach. of Office Systems Management (Minor in HR); University Technology of Mara (UiTM), P.Alam. (2011)
  3. Diploma in Office Management & Technology; University Technology of Mara (UiTM), Terengganu (2009).

Nor Raihanah's main role is to assist in delivering a comprehensive, professional HR service for NUMed Malaysia in order to recruit, develop and motivate high quality people, in line with operational objectives. She also provides administrative support to other assigned members of staff as and when required. Her main roles are as follows:

  1. To Liaise with the Government and Authority bodies – IRDA, LHDN, Immigration and MOHE; to process the Employment Pass, Dependant Pass and Teaching Permit application.
  1. To arrange the Health Insurance for staff, by registering/updating the details of new hire, changes and additional of staff/dependant. Simultaneously, to verify, compile and submit the staff’s medical reimbursement to the Health Insurance company.
  1. Staff Leave; To update/register the new hire details into the E-Leave System (EPE Core). To update any additional/replacement leave for staff who is working on Public Holiday/weekends. To compile the monthly medical leave report before submitting to HR Exec for SARD report.
  1. Staff Training & Development; To liaise with the Training Provider, Trainer and catering services. To submit the HRDF Grant & Claim Application (If any). To arrange In House Training location, meal and payment (cheque). To manage the funding form application for staff. To update the Staff & Training List Records. 
  1. Payment Request: To raise the PRF & PO for the vendor/suppliers through Sage300 online system. To submit the complete documents to Finance Section in order to proceed the payment process. It is more related to Health & Safety, Advertisement, Training Catering and etc.
  1. New Hire Arrangement: To prepare and submit the ISS registration to UK Recruitment Team in order to obtain the SAP number for new staff. To liaise with Facilities and IT on new hire’s workstation, room key, access card, Staff ID Card and other facilities. To prepare a personal file, new hire pack and arrange the documentation for New Staff. To arrange room booking and pick up for new hire. To arrange the HR Induction. To arrange the medical checkup for new hire. 
  1. HR Related Matters; To schedule the Interview Session. To prepare the correspondence letter; verification letter, acceptance of resignation letter, employment contract for casual employee/temporary staff and Updating the Staff Register. To liaise with Advertising Agent for Job Advertisement; The Star, NSTP, MMA, 

In addition, Raihanah has the important task of translating  of  any form of correspondence and documentation from Bahasa Malaysia and other common languages used in Malaysia to English and vice versa. In addition she coordinates and facilitates training activities at NUMed, as well as administering the HRDF portal.  


Master of Education Dissertation:

N.R.Suhaili (2017). Kompetensi Pegawai Hal Ehwal Mahasiswa di Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. UTM, Johor.