Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia

Staff Profile

Premila Nair

Chief Operating Officer and Head of Administration


Current Role

My role as the Chief Operating Officer provides me with the exposure to be involved in various strategic aspects of the organisation.  Having been with the university since 2011 requires me to have a sound understanding of the various dynamics involved in making NUMed an exceptional organisation.  This is achieved by working in partnership with the CEO, Deans, Heads of Service and other colleagues to achieve NUMed's corporate objective of making a positive contribution to the quality of the student learning experience.

In addition, as the Head of Administration, I am responsible for the transformation of support services from an administrative role to strategic business partner, including working with senior management to drive key business and implement performance initiatives.


I currently hold an MBA and in the midst of doing my Doctoral research with the main focus of study being on academic leadership competencies within higher education institutions in Malaysia.