Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia

Wellbeing Support

Wellbeing Support

The Student Support and Wellbeing service provides information, advice and guidance on a wide range of student support issues to enable all students to maximise their potential whilst at University.

We aim to support you by providing:

  • academic guidance
  • pastoral care
  • individual tutorial support
  • a network of personal support ranging from peer mentors through personal tutors to professional counsellors

Study guides

You will receive study guides and/or Logbooks for each module and attachment. These say what you should learn and how this learning will be achieved.

They provide you with:

  • learning outcomes
  • details of the programme of study 
  • guidance to support self-study, including self-assessment

Personal tutor

A member of staff is allocated to you as your personal tutor to offer general academic guidance and pastoral support.

In addition, the NUMed Malaysia Student Association operates a ‘peer-parenting’ system. Every new student is attached to a ‘family’ of senior students who are available to offer advice and guidance.

We also have an Assistant Dean of Student Support who will assist you to find whatever support you need.

Online support

We take full advantage of communication and information technology to provide additional support throughout the learning process. NUMed Malaysia’s interactive Learning Support Environment (LSE) is available to help you in all aspects of your learning.

The LSE includes all:

  • programme documentation
  • electronic portfolios
  • student forums
  • assessment information
  • access to online learning resources

You are able to access the LSE both on and off campus, and full training is provided in its use.

Staff-student committee

Your input to the development of our curriculum is very important to us and many changes are introduced in response to student feedback.

There is a Staff–Student Committee for each Phase of the curriculum. The student members play an important role in managing the curriculum and its development.

Contact us

Our Assistant Dean of Student Support and team are here to support you and you can contact the team on extension 3935 or by completing our online contact form.

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