Health & Safety Management Standards and Guidance

Management Standards

Health & Safety Management Standards are intended to supplement the University Health & Safety Policy. These documents define:

  • the standards required to ensure that the necessary health and safety controls are in place for specific topics
  • the responsibilities of those required to ensure that the standards are met

Currently they are in various formats including the older Policy Standards and Safety Policy Supplements. There is a planned schedule of review and these documents will be replaced over time with Health & Safety Management Standards of a standardised format. However, regardless of the published dates, all existing Policy Standards or Safety Policy Supplements remain current (as agreed by University Health & Safety Committee) until reviewed and replaced.


Health & Safety Guidance documents are intended to supplement the Health & Safety Management Standards. They provide more detailed information to those with responsibility for ensuring that the required standards are met.

University Health & Safety Management System

Current policy supplements and guidance describing the Health & Safety Manangement System: