COAF Gold Open Access Funding

COAF can be used to pay open access fees for publications that meet the following criteria:

  1. An original peer-reviewed research article, a review (not commissioned or invited) or a study protocol
  2. Acknowledges funding from a participating charity
  3. The publisher meets the COAF publisher requirements as confirmed in SHERPA/FACT and so will
    1. Make the final version freely available in PubMed Central at the time of publication
    2. Publish the article with the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) licence

COAF funds cannot be used to pay a non-compliant publisher; where the author chooses a licence other than CC-BY; for solicted reviews, conference proceedings, editorials, letters or commentaries; for page or colour charges or for retrospective open access. Applications not eligible for funding will be declined and any invoice already issued returned to the applicant.

Funding application form

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