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Contextual Lower Offer

Contextual Lower Offer

Through the PARTNERS Programme you could receive a contextual offer to study at Newcastle University, which is up to three grades lower than the typical offer.

A contextual PARTNERS offer from the University will be up to three A level grades lower than the typical entry requirements from the University. As part of the offer, you have to successfully complete the PARTNERS Academic Summer School.

As a general guide, the entry requirements via PARTNERS may look like the below.

Type of OfferExample Entry Requirements
Typical University offer AAA at A level (or equivalent)
PARTNERS offer BBB at A level (or equivalent), plus successful completion of the PARTNERS Summer School

Checking the PARTNERS offer for your course

The PARTNERS offer varies according to the course that you're applying to.

To check the PARTNERS offer for A levels, BTEC and Scottish qualifications:

  1. Go to our undergraduate courses webpage.
  2. Find the course that you're interested in.
  3. Click the link for 'Entry Requirements'
  4. From the dropdown menu labelled 'Other UK Qualifications (and PARTNERS)', select the qualification that you're studying. Examples of these are:
    • 'A levels with PARTNERS'
    • 'Scottish Qualifications with PARTNERS'
    • 'BTEC Nationals/Cambridge Technicals with PARTNERS'

Additional Selection Processes

Acceptance to the PARTNERS Programme does not guarantee an offer of study. If the course you apply for has any additional selection processes, these are not affected by PARTNERS.

For example, to receive an offer of study, applicants to Medicine would still need to submit a UCAT score above the relevant threshold and be successful at interview.

I think the lowered grades really helped me to relax a little about exams and focus on my work a lot more.

PARTNERS Attendee (July 2020)