School of Pharmacy

Graduate Information

Pre-registration trainee provision

Being a pharmacy student is hard work, but being a pre-registration trainee isn’t much easier! As our most recent cohort of graduates, we would like to support you as much as we can over the next 52 weeks and into the first years of your practice.

Continued academic supervision

During your undergraduate programme you were assigned a personal tutor to act as an academic supervisor.  Now that you are a pre-registration trainee, why should that stop?  At Newcastle University you will continue to have a named academic supervisor who can provide mentorship, support and signposting as you get to grips with real life practice as a pre-registration trainee.  As part of your pre-registration training you will need to complete a small project.  Your preregistration tutor may have an idea in mind and your academic supervisor can work with you and your pre-registration tutor to ensure your project is robust.  Your academic supervisor will be able to support you to make the most of your project, providing an overview of what you need to think about, plan or prepare and may even be able to support you to publish your work.  

If you are not sure who your academic supervisor is, please email the MPHARM Secretary.

Networking and Conferences

Nothing supports a good career like a network.  However, maintaining a professional network once you have left University can be difficult, so at Newcastle we are going to invite you to a number of our events to ensure you have the most opportunities to meet up with old colleagues as well as meet new people to build your professional networks.  Some of the events you will be invited to include:

Great North Pharmacy Careers Conference

Trainees are invited to attend the Great North Pharmacy Careers Conference each year and this provides an opportunity to network with colleagues from across the region as well as attend seminars, workshops and lectures about career opportunities nationally and internationally.  Trainees will also be invited to participate in the conference, providing an overview of their own experiences and answering questions from undergraduate students.

Interprofessional Reflection Conference

This conference was designed for medical, nursing, pharmacy, speech and language and clinical psychologists to attend to collectively reflect on their experiences.  Delegates submit a range of work, including written case studies presented verbally or as posters, as well as paintings, poetry, and other forms of media to encourage understanding between professional groups.

Great North Pharmacy Research Conference

This conference encourages pre-registration and foundation pharmacists to submit research projects and share best practice.  Pre-registration pharmacists from all over the UK are invited to submit their projects for consideration and as graduates of North East England all Newcastle University graduates would be welcome to attend.  Your academic supervisor can proof read your abstract to optimise your chances of success.

School Events

Throughout the year the School hosts a number of open days, study days, seminars, workshops and social events relating to pharmacy education, science and practice.  These seminars will be free to attend for trainees, providing flexibility to engage with events that spark your interest.

Formative Registration Assessment

We will release a formative registration assessment that you can use to contribute to your revision in the spring of your pre-registration training.  Once completed and submitted to us for marking, we will provide you with an overall score.  Your results of the assessment can be discussed with your pre-registration tutor and academic supervisor, at your own discretion.

Continued Access to Content

To give you the best possible opportunity to maintain the knowledge and skills you learned at University and build on them in practice, we will continue to provide access to the content of your MPharm programme via Blackboard, using your existing Newcastle University username and password.  You will also continue to have access to your Newcastle University email address which can be used for correspondence with your academic supervisor, as well as giving you access to other Newcastle University resources such as online databases.