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Chitosan/β-glycerophosphate in situ gelling mucoadhesive systems for intravesical delivery of mitomycin-C


The development of mucoadhesive in situ gelling formulations for intravesical application may improve the therapeutic outcomes of bladder cancer patients.  In this work, chitosan/β-glycerophosphate (CHIGP) thermosensitive formulations have been prepared using three different chitosan grades (62, 124 and 370 kDa).  Their ability to form in situ gelling systems triggered by changes in temperature upon administration to urinary bladder were evaluated using vial inversion and rheological methods.  Texture analysis was used to study their mucoadhesive properties as well as syringeability through the urethral catheter.  The retention of CHIGP formulations, with fluorescein sodium as the model drug, was studied on porcine urinary bladder mucosa ex vivo using the flow-through technique and fluorescent microscopy.  CHIGP formulations containing mitomycin-C were prepared and drug release was studied using in vitro dialysis method.  It was established that the molecular weight of chitosan influenced the thermogelling, mucoadhesive and drug release behaviour of the in situ gelling delivery systems.  Formulations prepared from chitosan with greatest molecular weight (370 kDa) were found to be the most promising for intravesical application due to their superior gelling properties and in vitro retention in the bladder.


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Dr Wing Man Lau
Dr Wing Man Lau

published on: 21 March 2019