School of Pharmacy

Staff Profile

Dr Hamde Nazar

Senior Lecturer


I am a qualified pharmacist registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council. I have teaching and research expertise in the areas of pharmaceutics, pharmacy practice, and public health.

I have worked in academia since graduating in 2007, as I undertook a 6-month community pharmacy/academia pre-registration split placement. I have avidly contributed to MPharm programmes in three different Schools of Pharmacy, and am now the MPharm Programme Director for the Newcastle undergraduate pharmacy programme. I have a keen interest in education and pedagogical design and research.

My experience of practicing pharmacy has been mainly gained from community pharmacy and in contributing to local professional groups such as the Local Professional Network and Local Pharmaceutical Committee. I also work closely with the Director of Pharmacy and colleagues at Newcastle Hospital Trust, where I have a role as an Honorary Research Pharmacist.

I have also developed my knowledge and skills in pharmaceutical public health and health service research by undertaking a Masters in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.


I started my research career in Pharmaceutics, specifically novel nasal drug delivery systems for proteins and peptides. This involved fundamental polymer chemistry, formulation design through to in vitro and in vivo testing. I then moved into the field of Pharmacy Practice where I am actively engaged in health service research. My specific focus is to investigate the increasing contributing roles and greater integration of pharmacy to  the wider NHS. My engagement with local Trusts, as an Honorary Research Pharmacist for Newcastle-upon-Tyne Hospital Trust, with local professional networks and local pharmaceutical committees has resulted in key projects that are of national interest and have the potential to impact national health policy and practice.

Current projects include the investigation of;

- pharmacy interventions to improve clinical handover of care between care settings and, 

- the implementation and sustainability of clinical pharmaceutical services.

As a committed educator of the next generation of pharmacists, I have keen interest in  the development and implementation of engaging pharmacy education to prepare graduates for the diversifying professional world of pharmacy.

I actively research to capture and disseminate pedagogical lessons learnt in the journey to continually improve and optimise our MPharm programme provision and further inform the evidence in pharmacy education. 


 I am the MPharm Programme Director currently managing the teaching and learning provision for the undergraduate cohort. As a qualified pharmacist with research training in pharmaceutics I primarily contribute to all Stages of the programme that involve pharmacy practice and pharmaceutics. I work closely with colleagues to support the development of reflective practice, clinical skills, interprofessional educational and work-based learning opportunities.

I am keenly interested to adopt technology and innovate teaching that is evidence-based to support student engagement, and improve experience and learning. 


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