School of Pharmacy

Staff Profile

Dr Sharyn Maxwell

Senior Lecturer and Senior Tutor


I have a multidisciplinary academic background with degrees in economics, health services management, organisational change in healthcare, and higher education. Reflecting this, I have a diverse professional background with experience in the Australian public service, the charitable sector (primarily health-related charities) in Australia and India, Christian ministry, and higher education in Australia and the UK. I was also a co-director of Durham University’s Project Sri Lanka from 2009-2011.

The primary theme throughout my career is improving health and healthcare for people who struggle to access healthcare services, whether because of developmental disabilities, mental illness, or socioeconomic circumstances. My current primary research and teaching interests are improving pharmacy-related care for vulnerable people and placement learning.

As a senior tutor, I am also interested in improving the University experience for students and staff, particularly those whose personal circumstances make university life especially challenging. 

I also maintain interests in gender awareness amongst health professionals and students, students’ capacity as future practitioners for improving the socioeconomic determinants of health, and in whole systems approaches to the organisation, delivery and evaluation of health care services.


I have responsibility in 2018-19 for placement learning in the MPharm course. I also contribute to other strands in the degree, especially public health and professional reflection.


I have a research programme for the next five years that focuses on the role of pharmacy in meeting the health needs of vulnerable people and helping students to address these. Currently, my emphases are the needs of refugees and asylum seekers and the use of medications for young children.