Philosophical Studies

For Current Students

Current Students

These pages link to sites and resources that new and current students might find useful. They include staff office hours, undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and learning resources and student support information.

Staff office hours



Semester 1                    

Semester 2                    


Miriam Baldwin  2.63

Monday   16:00-17:00

Thursday 15:00-16:00

TBC No appointment needed
Michael Bavidge 2.65     By appointment only:
Nicholas Brignell 2.65     By appointment only:
Lisa Foran 2.64

Wednesday 15:00-16:00

Thursday     09:00-10:00

Thursday 09:00-11:00  No appointment needed
Michael Lewis 2.67 Thursday 12.00-14.00

Thursday 12.00-13.00


No appointment needed
Sinead Murphy 2.65     By appointment only:
Stephen Overy 2.67

Tuesday 14.00-15.00


Wednesday 11.00-12.00

Thursday    15.00-16.00

No appointment needed
Adam Potts 2.64 Monday 11.00-13.00 Monday 11.00-13.00 No appointment needed
Andrea Rehberg 2.66

Tuesday   14.00-15.00

Thursday  15.00-16.00

TBC No appointment needed 
David Rose 2.61A Tuesday 11.00-13.00

Monday    9.00-10.00

Thursday 10.00-11.00

No appointment needed

Undergraduate resources

Find academic resources for undergraduate study (including assessment policies) in our Undergraduate Resources section.

Induction Week timetable 2017

Philosophy Induction Week timetable 2017

Postgraduate resources

Visit the Student Progress website to download the Postgraduate Research Student Handbook.

Student support

The below links are for services that provide support to students: