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Dr Adam Potts

Teaching Fellow


Adam Potts specialises in twentieth-century French philosophy, phenomenology and aesthetics, particularly the philosophy of music and sound. He teaches modules on existentialism, aesthetics and phenomenology. He was part of a part of a collaborative international research programme called RENKEI that took place at Bristol and Kyoto University. As well as publishing in leading academic journals he is also actively engaged in the field of sound studies as a practitioner. 

Roles and Responsibilities

Teaching Fellow


PhD, MA, BA Hons (Newcastle)


Adam Potts's research explores the relationship between philosophy and sound. Drawing on twentieth-century continental thought, from phenomenology to poststructuralism, his work engages with ideas of noise, listening, embodiment and writing. His current publications explore a number of themes including the phenomenology of listening, the challenge of writing about sound and the intersection between the excessive aesthetic of Japanese noise music and the philosophies of Maurice Blanchot and Georges Bataille. He is currently the editor of a special edition issue for the journal Angelaki called 'Sounds of Disaster: Sonic Encounters with Blanchot'. This will be the first ever publication dealing with the topic of sound and music in relation to Blanchot's work.


PHI1005 - Existentialism and the Self (Module Leader)

PHI2005 - Consciousness, Art and Technology (Module Leader)

HSS8007 - An Introduction to the Nature of Explanation and Enquiry (HaSS postgraduate module) (Module Leader)

MUS3076 - Music and Philosophy (Lecturer) 

PHI1004; PHI2004; PHI3004 - Project Modules (Project Tutor)