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Dr Sinead Murphy

Teaching Fellow



Sinead Murphy holds a BA in English Literature and Philosophy, a MA in Modern English Literature, a Higher Diploma in Education, and a PhD in Philosophy. She has previously worked at National University of Ireland, Cork.


Research Interests

Sinéad's research interests arise out of the philosophical debate over whether it is possible to identify or presuppose universal and necessary conditions for human thought and action, or whether conventional sufficiency conditions constitute the limit of our capacity for critique. Kant’s Critique of Judgment, which would justify the heuristic presupposition of transcendental grounds for thought and action that comes to define Enlightenment philosophy, operates centrally in her research, as the canonical attempt to reconcile human historicity with truth and its critique, and as a productive reference point for work on subsequent philosophical efforts to improve on this attempt, most notably in: hermeneutics, critical theory and postmodern philosophy. As a rich site of contemporary philosophical work on this debate, the aesthetic, and questions of the nature and judgment of art, are of particular interest.

Most recently, Sinead is working to identify aspects of the Enlightenment attitude of 'critique' as significantly determining of contemporary efforts to articulate a mode of resistance to post-Fordist societies of 'control,' most notably those of the Italian Paolo Virno, and of the French Tiqqun/The Invisible Committee.  

Other Expertise

Sinéad’s other areas of expertise include: the work of Hans-Georg Gadamer, Michel Foucault, and Jean-François Lyotard; theories of art and interpretation; and the theme of practical reason.

Current Work

Sinéad has completed a book entitled Zombie University: Thinking Under Control, due for publication by Repeater Press in November 2017. 

Esteem Indicators

Sinead has been a panel speaker at many national and international academic conferences, most recently at the annual conference of the Society for European Philosophy and the Forum for European Philosophy, London 2016.


Undergraduate Teaching

Sinead teaches the module PHI3005: 'Knowledge, Power, Desire.'