Staff Profile

Dr Tina Chanter

Lecturer in Philosophy


My interests are in contemporary French philosophy (Levinas, Ranciere, Kofman, Kristeva, Irigaray, and Derrida, for example), and feminist theory. I have published in the areas of art and politics, tragedy (with special reference to Antigone), film, and psychoanalysis. Among my current research interests is a continuing attempt to think with (and sometimes against) Ranciere's engagement with the politics of aesthetics and the aesthetics of politics, an ongoing effort to reflect upon how philosophy has been shaped by its problematic encounters with sites of race, gender and class, and an engagement with Shakespeare and continental philosophy around the question of language and names. I am also engaged in some creative writing, that straddles prose and poetry. While grounded in philosophy, my work is self-consciously interdisciplinary.

The modules I am teaching in 2019-20 are Ethics and the Modern World, Phenomenology, and Consciousness, Art and Technology.

I am interested in, and invite PhD proposals in areas connected to the topics indicated above, and related areas.

(More information will be added to this profile in due course)