As a philosophy student at Newcastle, you'll explore topics like the nature of existence, truth, time, free will and beauty. Find out about our undergraduate degree in philosophy and the project you'll complete as part of your degree.

Philosophy at Newcastle

You will explore diverse topics such as the nature of existence, truth, time, causality, free will, mind and body, God, knowledge, rationality, logic, meaning, duty, goodness, beauty, interpretation and historicity.

You will also engage in the philosophical study of particular areas of human practice and inquiry, including:

  • language
  • science
  • social science
  • politics
  • religion
  • literature and the arts
  • applied ethics

We focus on ethical questions that face us at the opening of the 21st century. We engage with the changing world outside academia from a philosophical perspective.

You will benefit from small group tutorials, which include a strong element of personalised learning, where you actively shape your learning agenda.

Degree Programme Director Dr Adam Potts talks about our Philosophy degree.

Our degree programmes

At undergraduate level we offer the following philosophy programme: Philosophy BA Honours (V500).

You also have the option to study philosophy in combination with one or two other subjects, as part of our flexible combined honours degree programme.

Your project

A unique aspect of this course is the opportunity to carry out a project of your choice. Through this you'll develop a personal portfolio of skills and acquire knowledge that is relevant for today’s world. 

Find out more about the project.