Newcastle Preclinical In Vivo Imaging Facility

Computerised Tomography

SkyScan 1176 micro CT

The SkyScan 1176 is a high performance in vivo micro-CT scanner for preclinical research. The large format 11 megapixel x-ray camera gives an unrivalled combination of resolution, image field size and scan speed - everything that is required in a busy and demanding biomedical research laboratory

The SkyScan 1176 CT system is ideal for anatomical imaging providing detailed structural information for lung, fat and bone without the need of CT contrast agents. With its extra-large imaging bore and long axial field of view, the 1176 model offers excellent flexibility to image a wide range of subjects. 



  • Maintenance-free 90kV X-ray source
  • Fully distortion corrected 11Mp X-ray camera
  • Up to 8000x8000 pixels in every slice
  • Down to 9µm in-vivo 3D spatial resolution
  • Shortest scanning cycle is about 1 minute (1Kx1K slice format)
  • Integrated physiological monitoring (breathing, movement detection, ECG)
  • 4D time-resolved microtomography
  • Software for 2D/ 3D image analysis, bone morphometry and realistic visualizatio

Animal monitoring

The physiological monitoring sub-system includes video monitoring of an animal with real-time movement detection, ECG and breathing detection, and temperature stabilization.