Newcastle Preclinical In Vivo Imaging Facility

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Karthik Chary

Research Associate


Role and Background

I work at the Newcastle Magnetic Resonance Centre (NMRC) as an MRI physicist. I have a background in Biomedical Imaging (MSc.) with extensive experience in experimental MRI systems using rodents.

At the NMRC, I work for Dr. Peter Thelwall and Dr. David Cousins primarily with the research 3T MRI systems. In addition, I am also actively involved with the preclinical 7T MRI system.



My Google Scholar and ORCID profile page can be found at:


I am primarily involved in the EU H2020 funded R-LiNK initiative (R-LiNK; for optimizing the early prediction to treatment using Lithium in Bipolar Disorder. At NMRC, my role is in the method development, sequence optimization and data analyses for brain 7Li-MRI and MRS.

As 7Li-MRI is an inherently low signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) technique owing to the low concentration of Li in brain tissue when prescribed in the therapeutic range, optimization of the sequence for maximum signal amplitude for 7Li is essential to improve the understanding of 7Li distribution in the brain and its relationship with treatment response.

We aimed to optimize the previously employed 3D bSSFP MRI sequence using a combination of theoretical modelling, and phantoms with physiologically representative 7Li relaxation properties. We also implemented and validated the MRI sequence across five European centres with different scanner vendors and types, to ensure harmonized 7Li-MRI data acquisition for the R-LiNK study. This work has been accepted as an abstract for ISMRM'21.

In addition, I am responsible for the Faculty Facilities 7T preclinical MRI scanner to support existing and new users by providing MR expertise in study setup and data analyses for neuro and body imaging.


MR physics with expertise in Diffusion MRI

X-nuclei MRI 

Multicentre MRI studies 


MRI Systems: Clinical (Philips), Small animal/preclinical (Bruker, Agilent)

Image Analysis Software’s: FSL, MRtrix, ANTs, ImageJ

Scientific Computing: Matlab, Python3