Ageing and Health MRes


Student Profile

About me

Name: Navin
Course: Ageing and Health MRes
PhD Title: Immunofluoresence for TAF on Asthmatic Mice Tissues and Human Lung Biopsies
Study mode: Full time
Where I’m from: India

Choosing Newcastle

"Ever since I was a child ageing fascinated me, so when I got a chance to pursue it I did not hesitate. Less than a dozen places in the world have this course and Newcastle was one of the two universities in the UK which offered it whilst also being a leader in the field. As such, it was a no brainer when I picked here to pursue what I considered my lifelong dream."

Studying at Newcastle

"I think my course is unique as I am really interested in Ageing. I aim to study Ageing at PhD level so having studied an MRes specific to that topic will allow me to have a very relevant resume.

"One thing I could not have known of my education here was how accessible it would be. Concepts were clear and enriching, but whenever I hit a roadblock and a confusion, the staff were there to aid me in that. Throughout my time here they have been there with me, and even after classes if I requested meetings or e-mail they would go out of their way to help me. Even once my lectures were over, my time at Newcastle had not ended, as staff were constantly informing me of PhD opportunities as well as providing various opportunities for training in academic skills and happily provided me with informal letters of recommendation.

"As a postgraduate you get a lot more freedom but it also comes with its own share of responsibility. You have really good peers around you which encourages you to set expectations high. There are around 20-30 people on my course and although we can get less contact time, when we are in the research labs we get constant support."

Postgraduate Community

"The postgraduate community at Newcastle is lively. I was able to make great friends and meet peers. I am a shy person but, due to various events and social activities on campus, I was able to open up and communicate. I enjoyed the company I kept and I am glad to have met everybody I had the chance to meet."

Funding my studies

"I am self-funding my studies with a bank loan."

Career aspirations

"Once I finish my MRes I am hoping to pursue a PhD in the same field. Being a researcher in field of ageing is my lifetime goal and I am confident I will be able to achieve it. This MRes lets me work on topics which are relevant to what I want to study in my PhD. I feel supported to learn new methods and learn various techniques."


"I live in Leazes Terrace. It is really spacious and was worth the money. I do not have to worry about cleaning the kitchens or halls, and the internet, cleaning, water and electricity are included in my rent. I can just study and carry out my regular work without the stress. The rooms and halls are well lit and cooking was easy because we were provided with crockery and utensils, alongside having kitchen equipment readily available in the accommodation. I have a single room with a shared kitchen, and arranging this accommodation was very easy."

Living in Newcastle

"The nightlife in Newcastle is incredible, but that does not mean the daytime is boring. Between museums, libraries and various cafés and bistros, there is never a weekend with nothing to do. In addition to that, everything is easily accessible by foot and there is almost too much to explore. It has been half a year and I still find new places to go with my mates."

Remembering Newcastle

"I lived next to Leazes Park, I would walk past the lake where I could see swans, ducks and jays. Early in the morning or late at night I could peek a fox jumping though the bushes and when I went for walks through the grass I could see bunnies hop about. I could also remember the pebble stone roads that gleamed golden yellow at night, Grainger Market, where one could get fresh produce and have classic British dishes. I have too much to remember and miss to be honest. So rather than list forever I could just say I will miss it very much."