Animal Behaviour MRes


Student Profile

 About me

Name: Giorgia

Course: MRes Animal Behaviour

Study mode: Full time

Where I’m from: Britain

Choosing Newcastle

“I selected Newcastle University over other universities as I am aware of the support provided by the staff, student wellbeing and library. There are many facilities available to the students and this university makes me feel welcome and part of a community. As I have previously studied here, I have the knowledge that this university is a perfect place to study and I will be recognised by my colleagues for my hard work, effort and determination.”

Studying at Newcastle

“I really enjoy further improving my knowledge about the subjects that really interest and inspire me. During the taught section of my Master’s it was good to come together with like-minded students and share and opinions, whether they were similar or contrasted, it was really helpful to see the topic from another perspective that was not initially clear. Currently, I am undertaking research which is interesting and exciting as I wait to see what findings my results will bring. I already have recommended the course to current third year undergraduates as I have thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of it.

“For me, there is not a huge difference with work load as I already read quite a few journal papers as an undergraduate. I would say that the opportunities outside the course do increase as there are fewer scheduled lectures allowing for me to attend workshops on a variety of things from confidence building, creating efficient scientific posters and mindfulness.”

Postgraduate Community

“I enjoy working in labs. It feels like a community in there working alongside other students. I have attended PhD conferences and seminars where I was able to hear other people’s research ideas. These have been helpful as I plan to complete a PhD soon too.”


“I currently live in a studio flat about 20 minutes away from the university and I travel using a metro pass. I bought a yearly ticket with student discount which is loaded onto my university smart card, it sounded a lot of money at first, but works out as roughly £1/day to travel.

“There are plenty of houses/flats around Newcastle whether they are to rent or buy! From what I have heard from other cities, Newcastle is a lot cheaper to live!”

Living in Newcastle

“Initially moving to a city was a bit daunting since I come from a small town. However, it did not take me long to appreciate Newcastle. It has everything, shops, restaurants, music venues, art galleries, the coast, and the countryside, all in close proximity of each other. Another bonus is that the community is so friendly, when I first moved here I would sometimes need help with directions, and so I would ask the locals, and they were all happy to help!”

Funding my studies

“Coming back to study as a post-graduate, I was informed about the support that the university provides, which I must add, is really useful. They help with so many things from maths, writing, note taking, finance, wellbeing and so much more. For bursaries and scholarships, I checked the university's website to see what was available and whether I was eligible.
“I was unsure at first whether I was going to carrying on studying but after a summer internship in the Bee Laboratory as part of the Institute of Neuroscience, I decided that research was the way to go and so I applied for a Master’s by Research. Unfortunately, by this time, I had missed the deadline for the university provided scholarships, but I was aware of the alumni discount and discount applied when paying in one go. In the meantime, I wrote emails to many companies and organisations asking for small donations and looked at those from my home town, and luckily, I was awarded with three different scholarships, which ultimately funded my studies and I am a very grateful for.”

Career Aspirations

“I am really interested in research and one of my life goals is to make a positive change. Newcastle University has helped me with this as I have built up the skills needed, such as time management, communication, determination and flexibility. After completing my current Masters, I am moving onto another one in Musculoskeletal Disease to then move onto a PhD fully funded by CIMA! I am really thankful for all the opportunities and many achievements I have obtained through the help of this university.”

Remembering Newcastle

“So many things, I have met so many more people and researchers all involved in inspiring and cutting-edge research. I realised that the skills I learned in my undergraduate have been helpful in allowing me to progress to higher levels and having the freedom and ability to research new and exciting topics is a real highlight to me.”