Biodiversity Conservation Ecosystem Mgt MSc

Steven L

Student Profile

About me

Name: Steven
Course: Biodiversity, Conservation and Ecosystem Management MSc
Study mode: Part time
Where I’m from: UK

Choosing Newcastle

"I am a resident of Newcastle these days and after many years of travelling and assuming I would settle in some obscure corner of the planet, recent years have made me realise how important the North East, particularly Newcastle and Northumberland, is to me.

"It was an easy choice to study my postgraduate degree at Newcastle University. Newcastle is blessed with two world class institutions and the choice was made by the suitability of the course offered: Biodiversity, Conservation, and Ecosystem Management combined all of the topics I was interested in and others that I recognised as excellent opportunities for me to broaden my skills."

Studying at Newcastle

"I’m really enjoying the exposure to things in conservation that I wasn’t aware of and I didn’t know existed. I’m having the opportunity to see and understand the demands conservation organisations are faced with by learning about all these new aspects of conservation.

"I feel I’ve taken more from my postgraduate studies than I did with my undergraduate studies. Because I took some time out after my undergraduate degree to work, coming back to do postgraduate study was very much a conscious decision, and as such I know what I want out of it. As I’m studying part time whilst still working full time and renovating a house, I’m managing my time differently to when I did my undergraduate degree, but I’m managing. Because of this different lifestyle, I’m not getting bored of the course at all, and finding the motivation to do the work I need to do isn’t something I struggle with."

Postgraduate Community

"The University attracts students from all over the globe which offers another facet to the educational experience. As I’m part time, I don’t have much chance to socialise with other students from my course. However, there is an MSc computer suite in the Agriculture Building where I know I’ll see people to chat with if I go there to work."

Funding my studies

"As I applied last minute (only six weeks before the start of the course) I didn’t receive any information from the University about funding. I am fully self-funded through a Career Development Loan, which I will pay back with the money from selling my house at the end of my course."

Career aspirations

"I would like to find a role that involves me in the protection of our natural heritage after completing my Master’s, with a good blend of practical hands on work and community promotion. The modules on the course and the opportunity to meet people in different jobs in conservation and diversity are helping me to achieve this by giving me contacts through the department’s connections. Organisations often give talks within the department, which gives me the chance to talk to people who work within the sector and find out more about working in that area."


"I live in my own home in Wallsend, which is a great place to live. For me, it’s a perfect location and I really like the area."

Living in Newcastle

"I cannot recommend living in Newcastle highly enough, it has an excellent blend of city variety with large town accessibility, huge suburban country parks, beaches, a tangible industrial heritage and a population that lives up to its friendly and fun reputation.

"Personally, I like going to the Rising Sun Country Park, which is practically on my doorstep. The Ouseburn, near Byker, is a great place to go for a pint and the music scene there is good too. The surrounding areas are quite unique in terms of natural history, and I think that while Newcastle is fun and well known for its nightlife, the bits about the area that aren’t mentioned (such as the countryside and beaches) are the highlights of living here for me."

Remembering Newcastle

"Originally from London, having spent my teenage years in Northumberland, Newcastle has only been my home for 15 years, at least seven of those spent travelling or studying elsewhere in the world…but Newcastle gets under your skin and has a way of standing out as a reminder of what other places lack or where Newcastle quietly excels.

"I’ve loved the fieldwork I’ve had the chance to take part in as part of my course. Our partner farms have given me the chance to work with conservation projects, particularly through the module Biodiversity Conservation: Policy and Practice."