Biomedical Engineering MSc


Student profile

About me

Name: Elmira Alimohammadzadeh
Course: Biomedical Engineering MSC
Study mode: Full time
Where I'm from: IRAN

"I am Iranian and I did my undergraduate studies majoring in Electronics Engineering in Malaysia and moved to UK to pursue postgraduate studies. I had a multicultural upbringing and like to socialise and meet new people. I love cooking, reading, exploring new things and dancing."

Choosing Postgraduate study

"Since high school, I have always thought that applying engineering techniques to the human body is a fascinating, exciting and rewarding effort with many benefits for health care. During my undergraduate thesis, I was working on a system design and I was aiming to apply it on human body applications, to have a positive impact on people’s lives using recent technologies. Therefore, I have chosen to continue my studies in Biomedical Engineering, which I find to be a fast-growing area with tremendous potential for research and an increasing number of applications in today's world of medicine and technology."

Choosing Newcastle

"A Biomedical Engineering course requires both engineering and medical knowledge and pursuing it at a university with a strong background in both fields is essential. Newcastle University is very well-ranked for its excellent research, teaching, facilities, internationalisation, innovation and students’ employability after graduation. It also has a great reputation in both the medical and engineering fields across the United Kingdom and worldwide. Therefore, after reviewing the course modules which satisfied my interest and the university’s reputation, I selected Newcastle University for my postgraduate studies."

Studying at Newcastle

"I enjoy the modules that have been offered by my school because they provide knowledge in various fields which widens my view while designing or analysing a device. Beside the individual dissertation, students are asked to work in groups on different projects which not only challenges the engineering skills, but it also develop the team work accomplishments. Thus, I would recommend this course for the prospective students who have interest in devices for human body applications and they are willing to challenge their engineering skills and corporate in a group.

"Being a postgraduate student means working well with deadlines, other students and lecturers. The work load compared to the duration of study is very high, but I believe that with a proper plan, students can have a balance between their studies and life outside university. Postgraduate study at Newcastle University has met my expectations. I was surprised about the services that university offers to students, such as individual tutoring when they have difficulties learning a topic and the free In-Sessional English Programs for international students to improve their English skills."

Postgraduate community

"There are lots of opportunities for postgraduate students at Newcastle University. For example, I am currently a Hall Representative for my accommodation. Additionally, I am also taking part in a volunteering project, with the English Conversation Group for Refugees. Moreover, based on my interests, I am involved in Newcastle University Salsa Society and Engineering Without Borders society. Participating in these activities results in improvements in various skills such as communication, leadership, organisation, teamwork, etc.
In addition, my school holds seminars every week collaborating with people with academic or industrial backgrounds, which gives students the opportunity to learn various topics related to the courses that they are studying. Moreover, the lecturers and staff are so friendly and if I seek help they always gladly assist."

Funding my studies

"I have received information through email about funding opportunities for international students before I started my course. In the email, they provided a website link which directed me to the university’s funding division.

"I am founded by my family. Unfortunately, I was not able to achieve any scholarship or funding from university."

Career Aspirations

"I have been always passionate about studying so probably I will pursue my studies to PhD level. I believe that studying my current modules in biomedical engineering at Newcastle university will expand my knowledge in order to seek further studies. However, Newcastle University Careers Service provides lots of information to help you find a suitable job or to continue your studies."


"I am currently living in Leazes Terrace, one of the University’s postgraduate accommodations, which is 10 minutes walking distance to the campus. After I received my CAS letter, the university sent me an email which directed me to the accommodation portal, which provides information about each hall of residence. By following the information and instructions, the selection of my accommodation was an easy process."

Living in Newcastle

"Newcastle is a very happening and lively city. It has historical places, museums, shopping malls and great nightlife. Besides, this region is famous for its fish and chips, so by taking a train to the nearest beach which is called Tynemouth, you can have the best fish and chips while enjoying the beach scenery. Additionally, Newcastle is one of the cheapest cities in the UK, so with a budget management you can live with the lowest costs. If you do not know how to manage your expenses, Newcastle University give consultation on budget management."

Remembering Newcastle

"In the academic aspect, the modules offered and the lectures helped me to expand my point of view and knowledge on specific topics which I found practical to the area of my interest. Moreover I can easily communicate with teaching staff if I am facing difficulties in understanding the materials. On the other hand, postgraduate students on my course are from different backgrounds which is an advantage in a way that we can transfer our knowledge between each other and benefit from it. As the result of the high internationalisation, I was able to meet people and make new friends from different nationalities which helped me improve my communication skills as well."


"Try to research which courses and which universities you are willing to study at. Even try to check the offering modules which are usually available on the university website. After starting your studies at Newcastle University, try to make the most of the different facilities that are available on campus. Bear in mind that this is a journey to be experienced, so try to enjoy it."