Bus and Mgt MPhil PhD


Student Profile

About me

Name: Adegboyega
Course: Bus and Mgt MPhil PhD
PhD Title: The Relationship Between Organisational Level Practices, Fairness Perceptions, and Supply Chain Level Practices: The Moderating Role of Fairness Perceptions
Study Mode: Full time
Where I'm from: Nigeria

Choosing Newcastle

"I chose Newcastle for several reasons:

  1. Its prestige and high ranking amongst other UK universities
  2. Its membership of the prestigious Russell Group of universities indicating its research excellence
  3. Accreditation from the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) for my programme"

Studying at Newcastle

"The course has many enjoyable aspects:

"I will recommend this course to my friends because it is highly skilled and specific which is beneficial for both industry and academic career streams.

" In my case, I have experience from BSc to MSc and now PhD. There is a clear distinction between all three levels. At undergraduate level, you are required to have a foundational knowledge of courses and subject areas. This foundation knowledge is what will later guide students to their career path or further studies. The class size at this level is quite large. At postgraduate level, the responsibilities are higher and quite a lot is required. The class size is usually smaller because the knowledge and information delivered and the tasks are more specific. As a result, the opportunities available outside the course are wider and with greater prospects.

"Studying for a PhD is much more independent and you don’t have classes to turn up to. It’s independent research from start to finish. There’s a smaller cohort with very different projects which makes the course diverse."

Postgraduate community

"I do feel part of a postgraduate community. I work with many of my doctoral colleagues in different research groups sharing opinions and ideas about our academic work and other aspects of life. At the moment, I am collaborating with some colleagues to set up a new society based on research."

Funding my studies

"I am a self-funded student. I received some PhD funding information but the opportunities were mostly for UK and EU students and because am an international student, I wasn’t eligible. I am hoping to get a studentship for international students at the Business School this year. I found out about this before starting my PhD via the University website and my supervisor has advised that I apply."

Career aspirations

"I aspire to work in the operations management industry after my PhD, and then start my own business afterwards. I often attend career workshops and seminars organised by the Business School to keep me informed with the necessary information for my career aspirations."


"I used to live in university postgraduate accommodation, which is off-campus accommodation intended only for postgraduate students. This was easy to arrange online through the University accommodation service – NUStudentHomes. I currently rent private accommodation off-campus. The process of getting a new place to stay was quite easy for me and took a couple of weeks to sort out."

Living in Newcastle

"Compared to London where I used to live, Newcastle is very friendly and not as busy or loud. The living costs here are cheaper. The social life is very nice and good for taking a break from academic work. I would recommend living in Newcastle to my friends."

Remembering Newcastle

"A highlight during my postgraduate studies was when I had the opportunity to visit some manufacturing plants in the North East, which gave me the inspiration for my PhD research topic. These included Nissan, where I was able to put the theory I’d learned into practice."