Cancer MPhil, PhD, MD


Student Profile

About me

Name: Praveen

Course: PhD

Thesis Title: Understanding factors involved in regulation of Long-Interspersed-Nuclear-Elements (LINE1) retrotransposons in context of Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Study mode: Full time

Where I’m from: India

Choosing postgraduate study

I gained more experience with diseases during my clinical training and came to a clear understanding that training as a clinician did not really prepare me to do research. This motivated me to pursue my postgraduate studies so that I can learn the basics of research including the cellular and molecular techniques, design of experiments and interpretation of data.

Choosing Newcastle

Newcastle University being a pioneer in Cancer research was an obvious choice when I decided to do a PhD. It was one among a very few UK universities with top class research facilities and affordable fee structure for International students.

Receiving a scholarship award

I was emailed by an NUORS team member that my application was successful. I was really excited and was proud of my achievement. Without the scholarship I would never have thought about PhD studies.

Studying at Newcastle

Working on interface between laboratory and clinical disciplines of cancer medicine to exploit novel anti-cancer drug targets and therapies is really exciting and I would recommend this to anyone who is inquisitive towards research.

Having completed taught courses before where everything was already pre-packaged, doing a PhD presents different challenges. I’m responsible for designing all my work which is exciting and of course help is available.

Postgraduate Community

I have made use of most of the facilities and do feel very much a part of the postgraduate community at Newcastle. I do collaborate with other teaching staff and fellow students from other labs to get their valuable inputs.


I live in a private accommodation and I didn’t have any trouble sorting out my accommodation as I have previous experience in the UK. I looked for my accommodation online and found it easy. I also found private accommodation worked out cheaper for me than other accommodation types available.

Living in Newcastle

Newcastle is a small city with very good public transport connections- best is the metro. It is a modern city and very affordable as well which is what makes it attractive. I also enjoy the night life at Newcastle especially the Osborne road, various restaurants and pubs with multi-cultural cuisines is very attractive.

Funding my studies

I have support from a cancer charity- JGW Patterson which funds the rest of my bench fees. I work part-time on Saturdays as a Support Worker every week to manage my living expenses. Working part-time in a very relevant field to my studies has helped me gain some valuable experience.

Career aspirations

My future goal includes establishing a research career in the field of molecular oncology in an industrial setting. My research experience in Newcastle University so far is very positive and I certainly feel that I would become a better scientist at the end of my degree.

Remembering Newcastle

My supervisory team have been absolutely wonderful so far. I thoroughly enjoy working with them. They provide valuable inputs which helps me become a better scientist every day. Also I like the time being spent on the laboratory designing and executing the experiments.


Newcastle University has got a talented pool of scientists and professors and has got a higher level of research impact especially in the field of cancer. It also has great research facilities and a very conducive environment for research. My advice to anyone considering a PhD is to make sure you have enough research and lab experience before you apply. At PhD level, you are expected to have a strong knowledge base from the beginning.