Cancer MRes


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About me

Name: Harriet

Course: MRes Cancer 

Study mode: Full time

Where I'm from: Britain


Choosing postgraduate study

"I wanted to do a postgraduate qualification not only because I believe it will enhance my career in the field of cancer research further but I wanted to challenge myself and build on the foundation of my undergraduate studies. I am excited by learning new things and wanted more experience in laboratories before I committed to a career in the field of cancer research."

Choosing Newcastle

"I primarily chose to study my postgraduate degree at Newcastle because I did my undergraduate at Newcastle, so it seemed like a logical step. I was familiar with the surroundings and had a network of people that I could rely upon. Also, the course that I want to do provides some of the best opportunities at Newcastle compared to other locations, this will enable me to become a better-rounded researcher."

Studying at Newcastle

"The element of my course that I most enjoy is how self-directed it is, there is a huge flexibility in the modules you can choose on the MRes programme, offering you insights into areas that you are familiar with as well as new areas. Also, on the taught modules you are taught by leading experts in the field, a great opportunity for interactive learning. Another aspect is being hands on, with over half the year spent in the lab it enables you to carry out important work and really get a feel for what it is like to be involved in cutting edge research.

"Being a postgraduate student in some respect doesn’t feel that different to undergrad as you tend to have a similar structure; however one aspect of it that I have noticed is the relationship with lecturers and professors: they regard you as much more of a peer rather than a student and will happily discuss elements of work together. It is very self-directed with a heavy workload but nothing to shy away from. It is what you make of it whereas undergraduate was more prescriptive."

Postgraduate Community

"I do feel part of the postgraduate community; I regularly use the facilities such as the designated common rooms, clusters in the library which are especially useful. During my placement I will have the opportunity to work with staff and other postgraduate students in a big project which I am looking forward to."


"I am living in a seven-bedroom house in Jesmond just off Osborne Road, with all girls. I have always lived in the Jesmond area and I really enjoy the environment and the ease of getting into university, just a short cycle or walk away. I found it quite easy to find accommodation; there is a range of areas in different price brackets, just look early so you have more to choose from."

Living in Newcastle

"Newcastle is such a lively city, there is always so much going on, whether that be art exhibitions at galleries or performances at the theatres. There are also great restaurants and cafes to visit meaning that you are never too far away from a coffee, and a range of prices too, some for special occasions and others for more stringent times. I enjoy how accessible the countryside is from Newcastle either by car or public transport so you can easily have an escape from the city."

Funding my studies

"I have funded my postgraduate studies through a postgraduate loan and working the summer before and doing some work during my degree. It is costly and the money is tight but I believe it will be worth it in the long run."

Career aspirations

"After I graduate I would enjoy it if I could stay within cancer research, I would like to continue education perhaps at PhD level and beyond. Studying my course at Newcastle gives me the hands on experience needed to excel in academic research."

Remembering Newcastle

"The highlight for me is yet to come, as I have yet to go into labs for my placement. I really enjoy working in labs and as such I cannot wait to start. Another highlight of my postgraduate experience was attending the postgraduate biomedical sciences research conference in October, this was a great opportunity to hear first-hand about cutting edge research from other postgraduate students."


"I think my best advice would be to choose your course wisely as it is often only a short time you are studying for and you don’t really want to be doing the wrong thing. You can do this by studying the programmes online or emailing the course directors, everyone is so friendly and willing to help. As an add on to this, make the most of every opportunity, there isn’t much time left when you will be a student so use it carefully."