Cross-Cultural Comms Int Management MA


Student Profile

About Me

Name: Oktifani
Course: Cross Cultural Communication and International Management MA
Study mode: Full time
Where I'm from: Indonesia

"I had my Communication Degree in Brawijaya University, Indonesia. I personally value friendship, diversity and hard work. Paying attention to how people communicate has always been interesting to me, and being in Newcastle University with its diverse students has introduced me to a new exciting form of communication!"

Choosing postgraduate study

"For me school is a platform where I get to shape my character, enlarge the network, and widely gain perspectives, as long as it used wisely. I have always known that i wanted to do masters since i had my undergraduate study. After completing my degree, I worked a year as Public Relations Coordinator a to shape my practical skills, and luckily enough to find the course i need in Newcastle University which combines Communication Science and Business Management.

"As in a long term plan, I am planning on having international school in Indonesia, which is why i decided to have my postgraduate study to shape my strategical thinking and to learn the standard of education in the UK."

Choosing Newcastle

"Newcastle University offers me the course i exactly need. It combines communication in the specific area of Cross-Cultural Communication that allows me to learn what has been my specialisation and also courses in International Management which add new learnings in business management that overall helps me understand better the communication and business sectors scientifically and practically."

Studying in Newcastle

"In postgraduate study, I have the freedom to learn what I am interested in about. But along with the freedom, comes a responsibility to make sure that it is relevant with the lectures that are given. I have also learnt on doing something that is accountable, such as how to think critically and to challenge perspectives that exist but needs to be supported by valid facts and literature, not just personal assumptions.

"I have always been passionate about communication sciences, in general, i enjoy learning cross-cultural communication and the assignments are also interesting because the lecturers have told us in advance what should we do about it and the help they offer along the way has always been constructive. Not to mention the university’s facilities to support the learning environment is incredible! The librarians are helpful, PC corners are easy to find as well, and cosy libraries plus places to have a discussion with classmates.

"I thought being a postgraduate student would make me had a hard life, where i would just go to classes, library, working in front of my laptop on the essays. But apparently, a lot of platforms develop me in a way i couldn’t imagine. I got the chance to be the student representative in my pathway, which i can learn the system of school management and get along with other students well especially in my pathway. I am also able to continue learning French through Language Resource Centre, learning on baking cakes with Baking Society and talking about life with Student Life Society that has diverse members from undergrads to PhD students in Newcastle University and Northumbria University, which technically makes me know students from another university.

"Regarding academics, the reading lists are a lot which makes me have to be careful in managing my time. Being organised is definitely needed as a postgraduate student. Otherwise, one or two things might work unbalanced.

"Being self-aware is also another important to help me manage emotions, to remind myself in doing the individual studies to catch up on the lectures and to do the assignments as best as humanly possible."

Postgraduate Community

"I am also a student representative for my pathway in Cross-Cultural Communication and International Management. I have had meetings with students and teaching staffs discussing students’ suggestions and last year’s feedback on each pathway to prevent the same thing happening. I am amazed on how the teaching staffs are paying attention to students’ comments and progress through the results of assignments. Also knowing that the teaching staffs trying to be engaged with the students is a great thing, such as offering us an opportunity to have Christmas get together in the school and a yearbook that will be given by the end of the study term. Everyone who involved is really supportive and does not give me any burden by being one of the student reps.

"As in Student Life Society, it is a really meaningful society because it has a really positive vibe and they held the hub every Thursday to talk about different themes of life each week, such as forgiveness, fears, gratefulness, and so on. Other than that, i also join Baking Society, which happens every Wednesday at the university’s kitchen. It is amazing how the university provides kitchen for it!

"I also do the learning tandem by Language Resource Centre at The Old Library, where it helps me learn foreign language by match me up with a student from a native country i want to learn. In my case, i am studying French, but they also have Germany, Chinese, Japan, Russian and many more."

Funding my studies

"A scholarship from Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education Ministry of Finance Indonesia."

Career aspirations

"I aspire in having my career in the educational sector. Either in The Ministry of Education in Indonesia or professionally working around the EU for a year before continuing my PhD study.
Having masters in one of leading universities in the world will definitely give an advantage to have a job or one year internship around the EU and continuing my PhD study afterwards, which it is also possible for me to continue it in Newcastle University.

"Having said that in the long term plan, i want to build an international school, i believe the standard of learning in Newcastle University will help me improving the education system in Indonesia."


"I am having a private accommodation around 20minutes walking from my house to the school building. It is not in a city centre but still accessible to important places in the city. The landlord of my accommodation is also Indonesian which for me make things easier to manage the documents needed."

Living in Newcastle

"It is a comfortable city for students, and really accessible. Most of places i need to go to in daily basis are in a walking distance. In essence, this city is super accommodating."

Remembering Newcastle

"My ability to adapt. These whole experiences have brought me to a point where i realise i can have such resilience to adapt and adjust to a new environment that has quite a fast pace. And the fact that I had choose the right course make me feel so motivated to do and explore aspects within the study."


"Newcastle University has a lot of platforms that will help their students, especially for international students to adapt. Having postgraduate study allows you to challenge current studies, findings, perspectives and gives you space to develop ideas that are relevant to your future goals. It is tough, sometimes exhausting but you do not need to put it as a pressure because guidance are always around the corner at Newcastle University."