Computer Science MSc


Student Profile

About me

Name: Qijing
Course: Computer Science Msc
Study mode: Full time
Where I’m from: China

Choosing Newcastle

"One of the reasons why I chose to study at Newcastle University is that it is one of the Russell Group of universities and a top university in the UK. Its research in the field of Computer Science is advanced and has an outstanding research impact, which I believe will offer me a good learning experience and more opportunities following my degree.

"Newcastle is a nice city in a convenient location in relation to both England and Scotland. I also studied my Bachelor’s degree here so I knew the area and the University. I chose to study Computer Science as, having studied Accounting and Finance, I wanted to study another subject which was highly valued by employers."

Studying at Newcastle

"I enjoy studying at Newcastle University. Lectures are comprehensive and given in a manner which allows you to expand your knowledge on the subject gradually, which provides me with enough time and information to do research. I’m able to use the Robinson Library, which has many books and resources available, and various software to help me with my studies. I particularly like our practical sessions as there is always someone ready to help you. I really appreciate the work of our demonstrators.

"In our practical sessions we practise for our projects, and have the opportunity to ask demonstrators about our coursework and get help if we have questions.

"We have more lectures at Master’s level, practical sessions which are appealing to me, and our workload has increased which means we spend more time working. Our lecturers and demonstrators are very helpful. I’m in a much smaller class than I was during my undergraduate degree, and there are fewer Chinese students who study my course compared to during my undergraduate."

Postgraduate Community

"As my course is open to people with any kind of subject background, most of the students on my course didn't know much about computer science. Thus, all the students are studying very hard. You will see us attentively listening to our lecturers during the classes. I have had the chance to meet other students through my accommodation."

Funding my studies

"I received information about funding via email before I started my course, and was told that if I met certain conditions I could apply for a £1,000 international student scholarship, which I was awarded. I’m a self-funding international students but as I’m an alumni of Newcastle University, I received 20% discount on my tuition fees."

Career aspirations

"Many graduates from my course are now working for IBM, British Airways and other international companies. Computer science is useful for many fields and I have a business background, so my own experience might let me work in an environment where I can use business skills and computer science skills. The Careers Service in the University has helped me a lot by giving me job information, reviewing my CV and cover letters, and also provides useful advice."


"I am living in rented accommodation behind the Business School on my own. It is located near the city centre. My neighbours are very friendly and from different countries. It’s very convenient and I can walk to everything I need. It’s also not expensive."

Living in Newcastle

"Newcastle upon Tyne is a lovely place which has pleasant weather and a nice environment. There are people from all over the world here, speaking different languages and bringing different cultures. Compared with London, the living cost here is not high, which allows me to spend comparatively little and make the most of Newcastle. As I’m from China, I’m very happy that there are Chinese supermarkets and restaurants, which remind me of being at home.

"I enjoy going to the Quayside, for meals in the city and sometimes going out to enjoy the nightlife."

Remembering Newcastle

"Newcastle is an amazing place which has given me lots of memories. When I first came here, I didn't know how to cook, didn't truly speak English to a foreigner, and was not an independent person at all.

"Now I have been in Newcastle for two years and am able to run my life independently. I have made many friends with people from different regions of China, the UK, Japan, Italy and other countries. We sometimes study together in our cosy library or School building, have different styles of meals in the town or have a walk in the nearby parks. When it’s Chinese Spring festival, we will go to see it and feel the happiness with not only Chinese, which is very interesting.

"I also love Newcastle’s surrounding areas. It was very relaxing when I went to Alnmouth on a beautiful day in autumn. I went hiking along Hadrian's Wall with my friends, learned interesting history and went to Alnwick Castle which has been used as a location in feature films such as Harry Potter and also series such as Downton Abbey.

"I really enjoyed the huge change. I am very happy that I have learned more about the world which I had never experienced before."