Conscious Sedation in Dentistry PGDip


Student Profile

About me

Name: Daisy
Course: Conscious Sedation in Dentistry PGDip
Study mode: Part time
Where I'm from: Ireland

Choosing Newcastle

"After studying my BA in Dentistry, I wanted to expand my clinical practice to sedation, and the diploma in conscious sedation in Newcastle University is the only part time course of its kind in the UK, and was highly recommended by colleagues. My class is made up of dentists and this course allows me to still practice dentistry in Newcastle alongside my studies."

Studying at Newcastle

"I enjoyed how interesting and practically focused the course is, including the clinical component, and also the social aspect of the didactic study days.

"There is more self-directed learning in postgraduate studies compared to undergraduate. However it is designed as a part time course, and all of my fellow students and I work full time. There is a smaller class size than an undergraduate course, but it is more interactive. Also everyone is engaged in the topic, and able to relate our lectures to our own work outside of the course.

"Because of the course I got a position in the sedation department in the dental hospital supervising undergraduate students, and I have also been able to offer sedation in my private practice."

Postgraduate Community

"All of the postgrad students on my course get on very well and have opportunities every month to meet up and socialise. It is a supportive community. The teaching staff in the sedation department are also very helpful and generous with their time."

Funding my studies

"Everyone doing the course is self-funded as they are full-time dentists. I always planned to self-fund my postgraduate course although sometimes employers will contribute towards your course fees."

Career aspirations

"I want to expand my clinical practice to include sedation in the General Dental Practitioner (GDP) setting and also to continue working as a Clinical Lecturer supervising students in the dental hospital – I hope to carry on and do an MSc in Clinical Education in the future."


"The course brought me to Newcastle from Cork. I live in shared accommodation in Newcastle, which was very straightforward to arrange. Only two of the eight students on my course live in Newcastle itself – the rest commute from all over the UK to the monthly study days."

Living in Newcastle

"It is a really friendly city that is a very manageable size - close to the sea and also really good connections to the rest of the UK – with lots of great restaurants and bars! I would definitely recommend it to friends."

Remembering Newcastle

"I’ve enjoyed learning new skills that are applicable to my current job and which keep my working week interesting and challenging. Getting to know the rest of the people on my course has also been really great."