Creative Arts Practice MA


Student Profile

About me

Name: Cuong
Course: Creative Arts Practice MA
Study mode: Full time
Where I'm from: Vietnam

Choosing Newcastle

"I chose Newcastle University because the School offers a very interesting course. Also, Newcastle University is very famous for studying art and design. I’m most interested in creative writing."

Studying at Newcastle

"Because my course is about arts practice, I have the chance to work and meet with many artists and designers who come from different disciplines within the creative industry. I would definitely recommend my course to my friends.

"The first difference I found between postgraduate and undergraduate study is that I can study and work more independently. Everyone has their own ideas and curiosities to contribute to the course and you’re given the freedom to explore your own interests."

Postgraduate Community

"I study a variety of different modules, which gives me the opportunity to mix and learn with other postgraduate students. We use common spaces to study together as well as to critique each other’s work."

Funding my studies

"I received an email with scholarships information, but I didn’t receive an award. I have funded myself."

Career aspirations

"Newcastle has helped me to develop into a confident designer. Once I graduate I will be ready to take on future challenges.

"There has been a big growth in the creative industry in my home country, however I would like to work in the UK and develop my creativity further."


"I live in University accommodation which is only five or ten minutes’ walk to campus. The accommodation is great, not only in terms of living, but also in making new friends from different courses. I have become real pals with people I have met in my accommodation, no matter what their nationality."

Living in Newcastle

"For me, Newcastle is not big, but at the same time it is not small. Newcastle is an exciting and culturally diverse place to live.

"As a student, working part time in Team Valley is the most exciting thing about living here so far. I’m working as a part time graphic designer for a shoe company, so it fits in perfectly with my studies.

"I find Newcastle a very convenient place to live. It has great bus links and everything you need is nearby. I would recommend Newcastle to a friend not only as a good place to study, but also as a good place to live."

Remembering Newcastle

"My postgraduate highlight has been to study my favourite art and design topics independently. This was my first motivation for postgraduate study. I have enjoyed handling difficult situations and resolving them myself. For example, finding a part time job through the Careers Service vacancy search and working for the company.

"Studying and working part-time at the same time brings me both knowledge and practice, which I would say it is the second essential motivation for my postgraduate success."