E-Bus (Information Systems) MSc


Student Profile

About me

Name: Kenneth
Course: E-Business (Information Systems) MSc
Study mode: Full time
Where I’m from: UK

Choosing Newcastle

"Having done my undergraduate degree in Newcastle, I was open to the idea of another year of study in a city I know and feel well established in. Also Newcastle Business School is in the top 1% of business schools worldwide so a degree from the University will be highly respected when applying for jobs."

Studying at Newcastle

"I enjoy how interactive my course is. We are encouraged to actively get involved with discussions outside of the classroom on the course Facebook page, allowing myself and fellow course mates to post ideas and commence debates on particular topics related to business and technology concepts brought up in lectures and seminars.

"The course has also taught me how real world business challenges can be solved with the use of technology integration. I would highly recommend the course to anyone who is interested in business or technology.

"Being a postgraduate is different to my previous studies in the sense that you are treated on a similar level to other academic colleagues. Lecture material isn’t spoon fed to you, as you are expected to actively engage with the course. The class sizes are smaller which is good as it allows more attention to be given to each student during lectures.

"There are more opportunities available to get involved with projects which the university endorses. We did a module in which we set up start-up businesses and the NCL Apprentice offered us the opportunity to further the work we did as part of our course. The NCL Apprentice is a hands-on competition in which teams compete in a number of business related challenges – all of which have been designed around one of our start-ups."

Postgraduate community

"I definitely feel part of a postgraduate community. My course in particular is very seminar based and actively encourages students to get to know each other and share knowledge. Because of this feature of the course we organised a course dinner which involved students as well as lecturers. This allowed us all to further get to know each other and speak to our lecturers in a more relaxed and informal environment over some good food and drinks.

"The postgraduate common rooms in the Business School are beneficial in terms of allowing postgraduate students to converse together and both socialise and work."

Funding my studies

"I received information about funding opportunities firstly by email, and after through the University website. I was eligible for a 20% alumni discount for my tuition fees as a former Newcastle University student. I also received a Postgraduate Opportunity Scholarship of £10,000 from the University. This covered 100% of my tuition fees, with a remaining cash entitlement of £5,688 to be paid to me in quarterly instalments throughout the academic year.

"My studies are funded mainly from the money I received from the Postgraduate Opportunity Scholarship, with some help from my parents who give me a weekly budget of £75 which goes towards food and other necessities."

Career aspirations

"My passion for technology and business naturally leads me towards a career in technology consultancy once I graduate. Studying at Newcastle has pushed me closer towards this dream by allowing me to meet and talk to numerous people in the industry through networking events organised by the Business School with potential employers, organised by the University. This has enabled me to gain valuable tips and advice on what these companies look for in a graduate and what it would be like to work for these companies."


"I am renting an apartment with four friends in Spital Tongues. We found the apartment through Walton Robinson letting agency and decided to live there as the location works out perfectly for me as I am walking distance from both the Business School and the main campus. Being close to the University gym was also a deciding factor as I am very keen on fitness."

Living in Newcastle

"What I really love about living in Newcastle is the fact that the main city is so thriving and diverse yet compact at the same time, unlike other large cities in the UK such as Manchester. This makes it very easy to get from one side of the city to the other and explore Newcastle in its entirety.

"Coming from London, living in Newcastle is so cheap! From taxis and drinks, to housing and takeaways, living in Newcastle is exceptionally inexpensive. Newcastle is undoubtedly a great night out with something on offer to meet the interests of almost anybody, without putting a dent in your pocket.

"As someone who actively tries to eat healthily, I have found Grainger Market, in the city centre and 15 minutes’ walk from my house, to be a truly great place to go for fresh meats and vegetables at an affordable student price.

"The locals in Newcastle (Geordies) are some of the friendliest people I have ever encountered. Countless taxi journeys are spent chatting away with friendly local drivers who are always eager to talk about their experiences living in Newcastle."