Education: Int Perspectives MA

Isebelle H

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About me

Name: Isabelle
Course: Education International Perspectives (Teaching and learning) MA
Study mode: Full time
Where I'm from: Britain

"My name is Isabelle Hutchinson and I am from Bolton, Greater Manchester. In September I made the move to Newcastle, to start my MA in International Perspectives of Teaching and Learning. I am also a passionate musician and play cello in the University Chamber orchestra, and perform at various open mic nights offered by the music society."

Choosing postgraduate study

"I chose to study for an MA level because I truly enjoy learning. I find that studying at Masters level offers me the opportunity to specialise and develop my knowledge in a certain area that I have a big interest in."

Choosing Newcastle

"Newcastle is a friendly city and after studying in London for three years it was a very welcome change. I chose Newcastle University due to the reputation it has as being a well rounded university. I felt that the course was perfect for me and offered all the opportunities that would help me further my career in teaching."

Studying at Newcastle

"I love how much I have already learnt over the past three months. Within my course I have the amazing opportunity to learn first-hand, through others’ experiences of education around the world. With the majority of students on my course being international, I have been able to gain a global understand of learning.

"Coming from an undergrad group of around 60, a group of 20 is a little different. However, it has its perks. Smaller classes have allowed me to really get to know everyone on my course. The work load is somewhat bigger, however the support for it is fantastic, from 1:1 tutorials to reading materials. Also, at Newcastle, there are also lots of opportunities for you to join societies. With over 100 to choose from, there’s bound to be something that suits your interests."

Postgraduate community

"Being a Student Ambassador as well as a Student Rep, has offered me many opportunities to make friends from different courses and walks of life. There is a sense of community all over the university. This sense is created through these groups and as well with societies. Newcastle really can offer you a sense of belonging, which is good when coming to a new city or leaving home for the first time."

Funding my studies

"As I already knew about the postgrad loan I didn’t look for any funding."

Postgraduate Loan

Career aspirations

"I hope to go on to work either for UNICEF or the U.N., working on improving education in developing countries. I also hope to start my own business, which works on helping teachers to gain confidence in different styles of teaching."


"I am currently living in a house share with five others. Two of us a students and the rest are employed. I found the house on, a site that allows you to view houses online and talk with landlords. Over all I found it a very easy process."

Living in Newcastle

"Newcastle is a friendly city. It is also very beautiful and the perfect size, everything is easy to find and get to - a complete contrast to London! I would recommend it to friends because of these reasons and because there’s so much to do in and around the city."

Remembering Newcastle

"My highlight has to be joining the music society. I have had many opportunities to play to different audiences and different places and it also allowed me to rekindle my passion for playing the cello."


"Be open to all the experiences that are offered to you, make as many friends as possible and don’t underestimate the help offered from tutors."