Education Research MA

Alan S

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About me

Name: Alan
Course: Education Research MA
Study mode:Full time
Where I'm from: Britain

Choosing postgraduate study

"I never thought I had the appetite to enjoy postgraduate study. However, my undergraduate project, which I undertook within the area of technology and education, allowed me to realise what I truly enjoy and love doing. Since then, I have had a thirst to know, find, and change people’s perspectives and ideas about areas that I have come across in the past, for the benefit of those in the future. It was this desire to make a change and know more that led me to postgraduate study."

Choosing Newcastle

"The main reason I chose Newcastle University was due to the research facilities it hosted which includes Self-Organised Learning Environment (SOLE) Central, and the Centre for Learning and Teaching (CfLaT). Some of the inspiring figures that led me into education research were active within these research centres. Sugata Mitra’s research on the self-organised learning environment was based within Newcastle University; therefore, this gave me a unique and first hand opportunity to work on related subjects with people who are already experts in the field."

Studying at Newcastle

Most of the course modules are aligned with PhD student materials and this allows me to discuss and develop ideas, and sometimes even become inspired through close interactions with peers who have gone past the stage I am at. Their journey and research topics provide me with a lot of information and guidance which feed into the development of my own project. I would recommend my course to anyone who has an interest in discovering more about education even if your previous field of study was totally different.

"Compared to my previous study during my undergraduate degree in BSc Computing, postgraduate has been different as there is a lot of freedom for you to explore your own ideas and beliefs, something that was very restricted during my undergrad study.

"My expectations were blown off the roof a few weeks into the course. The course provoked me to think more in depth around the area of social sciences and to understand the philosophical and theoretical backgrounds. The workload has been increasing as time ticks however I do get a good balance with other non-academic activities.

"If you are willing to put in more effort then there are always lots of opportunities to attend various events related to the course. For example I attend the research teas at CfLaT research centre every month to hear about current research being conducted at Newcastle University in the area of education. These events provide a good opportunity to meet new people who have great expertise and to build a network for you to enhance your learning experience."

Postgraduate community

"Postgraduate life at Newcastle University eliminates the idea that you are simply a student, just there to learn and go back home. The teaching staff see you as a fellow research colleague and they are always approachable with any questions or ideas you like to discuss with them. Personally, I found this very comforting as it allows me to approach staff within my area to discuss and develop my research topics. There is a diverse postgraduate community at Newcastle and there is always plenty to learn from fellow students about different cultures."

Funding my studies

"Most of the funding information for my course was available on the University website for postgraduates. Even though I did not receive any funding, the funding database for postgraduate study is a brilliant tool to use if you are looking to get funding. I have been self-funding my postgraduate study through savings."

Career aspirations

"My career aspiration is to continue my study at Newcastle University by taking a PhD. The teaching staff at the School of Education have been a great support in guiding me to prepare for this and they have been helping me to prepare my application for funding. If all goes well my dream is to become a lecturer within Newcastle University."


"As Newcastle is my hometown, I currently live with my parents in Fenham, just 10 minutes on the bus from the city."

Living in Newcastle

"What I love most about Newcastle is that everything you need is close by. The town itself is very compact and provides you with entertainment and all other necessities without needing to walk or travel too much. Most of all you will always find a warm and welcoming atmosphere around the city.

"Over the years I have noticed that the city itself is becoming very diverse which makes it easier for people who are coming from all parts of the world to adapt. There is plenty of rich history to be explored and I always enjoy walking around the quayside in the evenings."

Remembering Newcastle

"So far, the highlight of my postgraduate experience has been the opportunity I have had to work alongside PhD students. It’s giving me an insight into what is to come and preparing me to undertake my dissertation with the guidance of those who have been in the same position as me before."