Environmental Consultancy MSc

Student Profile

About me

Name: Emma
Course: Environmental Consultancy MSc
Study mode: Full time
Where I’m from: UK

Choosing Newcastle

"One of the reasons that I chose Newcastle University was because I had already done my undergraduate degree at Newcastle, meaning that I knew the city well and that I was already settled in here. The fact that I had a really good experience doing my undergraduate study here meant that I knew I was making the right decision choosing to do my Master’s here too, as the facilities, such as the library, are really good and I like the community of the University."

Studying at Newcastle

"I enjoy the fact we do block modules (where you do one module over one week and it’s quite intensive), which means you can concentrate on one thing at a time and this makes it easier. Also, we do a wide range of modules which means we get to meet people from lots of different courses and different backgrounds, which is interesting. The workload is manageable, and there are more set work times and more contact hours than I had in my undergraduate course. I would recommend my course to my friends.

"Being a postgraduate student is very different to being an undergraduate student. We have a lot more contact hours and the classes tend to be smaller compared to my undergraduate degree. Also, instead of doing modules over a semester or year, we do block modules which last one or two weeks, which is much more intense but I find it easier to stay focused."

Postgraduate community

"I have used the MSc Resource Centre in the Drummond Building a couple of times. It’s good to have a space just for MSc students as everyone gets on with their work better. I have worked with other postgraduate students, doing group presentations and practical work in the lab and on field trips. For instance I’ve had the chance to visit a recycling plant, a ground investigation company, go on site visits, and go to the coast to look at geology. All of these were included as part of the course."

Funding my studies

"I received an email about the Postgraduate Opportunities Scholarships, and was given details about how I could apply. It was also mentioned in a Careers lecture we had. These were both very useful and led me to applying for and then being awarded the scholarship.

"The Women in Postgraduate Science and Engineering Scholarship of £10,000 has really helped with my accommodation and living costs. I also received a School Master’s Bursary from the School of Engineering, which covered the cost of half of my tuition fees."

Career aspirations

"I would like become an Environmental Consultant after I graduate. I hope that the knowledge I will gain from my Master’s will help me in my job search and put me ahead of others. Also, lectures from the Careers Service have helped me to identify new places to look for jobs, and I know that if I need any help with CVs, and other career-based things, I can go to the Careers Service."


"I live in a student house in Jesmond with one of my friends. It was quite easy to find a house as we both knew that we wanted to stay in Jesmond, having lived here for the past two years and because it would mean I would be close to friends and to the University. Even though we started our house search late in the year there were still plenty of houses available."

Living in Newcastle

"I really enjoy living in Newcastle. It’s a very vibrant city and there is always something going on, like different music and sports events. I also like how it is so close to the coast, and it’s only a short journey on the Metro to the beach. I would definitely recommend it to friends; I think there’s something for everyone here."

Remembering Newcastle

"I am only a few weeks into my course so it’s hard to say what the highlight of that has been, however the highlight of my overall experience so far is playing for the Newcastle University Ice Hockey Club A team. I am very proud after three years of playing for the club to finally make it in to the club’s first team, and I have had a lot of fun playing in the games we have had so far this season."