Environmental Engineering MSc

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About Me

Name: Adeola

Course: MSc Environmental Engineering

Study mode: Full time

Where I'm from: Nigeria

Choosing postgraduate study

"Being part of a solution is my basic drive. After my undergraduate program in Chemical Engineering, I asked myself if I could contribute to solving present technical challenges in my field based on the knowledge I had gained; my ‘yes’ to this question didn’t convince me. I had some doubts and unanswered questions. At this point, it was crystal clear that I needed further training to develop expertise in my chosen field. Consequently, I decided to study for a master’s degree."

Choosing Newcastle

"Whilst desirous of gaining expertise in my field, Environmental Engineering was not at the top of my list at first. I believe this was because I had a shallow understanding of what the course encompasses. Nevertheless, I longed for an interesting course; especially one that treats issues relating to energy generation and sustainable process systems. After further research and chats with some Environmental Engineering masters students, I understood that Environmental Engineering addresses sustainability which is the core of my interest."

Studying at Newcastle

"The benefits of being a Commonwealth Scholar are enormous. This scholarship gives me the privilege to be part of the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC) network - a platform where I have worked with and learnt from gifted people. The opportunity of serving as a University Representative of CSC in Newcastle University sharpens my leadership skills. Also, throughout my studies, I have never had to worry about finance. This enables me to focus and give my best to my studies.

"I must say that the scholarship gave a whole new meaning to studying!

"To me, my postgraduate studies is different from my undergraduate studies. My experience during undergraduate studies was more like I was taught how things worked, and now I am exposed to why things work. This experience is a fascinating eye opener; hence, I relate better with what I learn.

"There is a bit of similarity in assessment by written examinations, however, the concept of assessment by coursework with page and word limits is new. The coursework assessment is something I do appreciate as this has built my ability to present my thoughts in clear and concise form.

"I cherish the field trips and the laboratory practical that are tailored to give real life applications of theories. These have served me to retain knowledge with understanding. The work load is pretty similar and independent learning is encouraged. However, adequate guidance is provided. The class size is smaller than what I am used to, nevertheless, it is a good blend of people from different backgrounds. Hence, I have been able to learn and value differences in opinions."

Postgraduate Community

"I feel part of the postgraduate community in the university. I have access to the postgraduate rooms in the libraries, computer clusters in most buildings and postgraduate common rooms. I am a member of the Newcastle University Environmental Engineering Alumni group on LinkedIn. I am also made aware of seminars and workshops for researchers and staff. I think these signify inclusion."


"I live in the University accommodation. I moved into this accommodation on the first day I arrived in Newcastle. The process of obtaining the accommodation very easy. I only filled a form online and was informed of my allocated accommodation before I left home. Also, it was very easy locating my accommodation because I took advantage of the ‘meet and greet’ event during the induction week.

"My flat has six rooms and I share sanitary and kitchen facilities with other postgraduate students. I really like the space I have in my room and I’m glad about the weekly cleaning service. Living here has strengthened my tolerance and my respect for diversity. The area is very serene, and the building is just beside Philip Robinson Library and around the corner of Marjorie Robinson Library. I barely have to walk for more than 5 minutes from my accommodation to my lecture venues. Honestly, I do not think I would have asked for a better location of my accommodation."

Living in Newcastle

"What I enjoy most about living in Newcastle is that act of ‘you are welcome here’ that people present each day. Strangers are friendly and always willing to help. During the early days of my arrival in the city, people I walked up to were willing to spend time on Google map just to point me in the right direction if they weren’t familiar with the place I had asked. I remember that I informed my sister of my arrival in Newcastle using the phone of someone I approached on a walkway. This accentuates security which has fuelled my courage to explore the beauty of the city."

Career aspirations

"I hope to join the academia and make invaluable contributions to knowledge in my field. Particularly, I look forward to being part of a research group that works closely with industries and municipalities to solve environmental and energy related issues.
“Being in Newcastle University has strengthened my knowledge of what makes an excellent advisor and lecturer. I have been challenged through coursework and case studies to think creatively and critically. I see that the qualities of an excellent researcher are being sharpened daily. So far, I believe the trainings I have received is essential to achieving my career dream."

Remembering Newcastle

"I had a beautiful and colourful Christmas celebration. The whole Christmas week was filled with fun activities: there were lots of sales and shopping; beautiful displays that appealed to the eyes and mind; stalls of foods and chocolates. I loved every corner I turned to. I guess I had not experienced such range of activities near me in my past Christmas celebrations. It was also fun being a part of a Christmas Giving Tree – a Fundraising event for Children in the North East. I felt that satisfaction of spending my time to impact others."


"To potential postgraduate students:

"Research and choose a course of study you feel comfortable with. Having done this, don’t worry about:
- The quality of the training that will be delivered because you will get the best.
- Being out of place because Newcastle University is a welcoming home where diversity is celebrated, and foreign views are not belittled. Here, lecturers and administrative staff are always happy to help and instruct you accordingly."