Finance MSc

John J

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About me

Name: John
Course: Finance MSc
Study Mode: Full time
Where I'm from: UK

Choosing Newcastle

"As a native to Newcastle, I was well aware of the University’s reputation as a Russell Group university. In particular, I had read about the Business School receiving triple-accreditation, putting it in the top 1% globally, and I knew I could be sure of a top-class education here."

Studying at Newcastle

"I really enjoy the course content. It is challenging and it requires me to tackle advanced areas of finance that I have not studied previously but that really engages me. I am really interested in understanding these complex ideas, particularly in the knowledge that this is preparing me for a future career in finance.

"I would recommend the course to anyone considering a future career in finance. In such a fiercely competitive industry, it’s essential that you have something on your CV to make yourself standout, like a postgraduate degree.

"In postgraduate study, it’s essential that you really engage with the course content because it is more challenging than at undergraduate level. I definitely spend more time studying now but I think that is partly because I know the content I am studying now will help me in my future career. It’s also a by-product of having classmates who are equally enthusiastic about the course. At postgraduate level, I have found there is greater collaboration between myself and my classmates and we regularly study together and share our ideas on finance. Another notable difference is the focus towards a career. The lecturers are always making us aware of how what we’re studying is applicable to working in finance."

Postgraduate Community

"There is a great sense of community within the Business School. Right from the induction week, there have been a number of opportunities to socialise with and work alongside postgraduate students following different degree programmes to my own. Being based in the same building, it’s so common for me to see people I know and have a chance to catch up with them. The Business School is great in that it has a big café where you can usually see at least one person you know.

"In addition, I’m currently acting as secretary to the student-staff committee for postgraduate economics. Here, I have a great chance to work alongside students and staff to help shape the student experience."

Career aspirations

"On completion of my postgraduate degree, I intend to pursue a career within finance. For me, the biggest selling point of my course is how well it has prepared me for my future career. While I feel my undergraduate degree gave me a solid foundation, my postgraduate degree is building on that and helping me acquire the skills and knowledge required to work in finance. With this greater knowledge and wider skill-set, I now have the confidence to really sell myself in an interview.

"The finance industry is so large and the job roles within it are so diverse that it can be quite a daunting thing when it comes to deciding what exactly you want to do. The course itself gives you a great insight into the kind of knowledge you will need and that helps you identify what your strengths are and what kind of job would best suit you. Moreover, the course includes a number of guest lecturers who are industry professionals and are a great source of information. Often these speakers are alumni and are really willing to help you find your way. It’s also worth mentioning that a number of the lecturers on the course have previously worked in the industry and always have time to offer some advice."

Living in Newcastle

"As a hugely-proud native to Newcastle, I already knew what a great city this is for students. While it has a fantastic reputation for nightlife, there are so many other things about Newcastle that make it one of the UK’s top cities, including the quayside and the football. Newcastle is also a great place to be geographically. There is so much to see and do in Northumberland and some of the UK’s most interesting cities are so accessible from here: Edinburgh, Durham, York and London."

Remembering Newcastle

"It is difficult to pick out a highlight from my time at Newcastle University because I feel the whole experience has been fantastic and I am certain I made the right decision in doing the course. From initially having an interest in finance but only a vague idea about where I might fit into the industry, I now have a greater interest and a clear idea of the kind of job I will do in the future. Furthermore, in the Business School, I study alongside like-minded people and have access to great facilities and great teaching."