Fine Art MPhil, PhD


Student Profile

About me

Name: Alexia
Course: Fine Art MPhil, PhD
PhD Title: The People Business: Interrogating Local-Global Dialogue through Participatory Practice
Study mode: Full time
Where I'm from: USA

Choosing Newcastle

"I was aware of Newcastle and the flourishing art scene – that first attracted me. Then, I was commissioned as artist-in-residence for a pilot project in South Wales that Newcastle University was helping to lead. Through this, I met my current supervisor, Dr Venda Pollock, and began conversations with her about how there might be a fit with my research and the University’s PhD programme."

Studying at Newcastle

"As a practising artist, the opportunity to critically reflect on your work is crucial. Having the time to reflect upon my work in new ways, while engaging in conversation with colleagues across the University’s disciplines, has been incredibly rewarding. I would recommend a postgraduate course at Newcastle to friends, especially in the School of Arts and Cultures. It also depends on your practice, however. My supervisor is a leader in the field of participating practices and place, which was a good fit for my personal research. The department is very supportive and willing to have conversations with prospective students.

"Leading your own research inquiries is exciting and challenging. You are essentially paving your own path. The benefit of being in a university environment is having the opportunities to meet other people who are equally passionate about their own research, and the sharing of ideas and experiences."

Postgraduate Community

"I feel part of a postgraduate community, particularly as I am part of the Northern Bridge Doctoral Training Partnership. Through this we attend training sessions with other members of the cohort including Arts and Humanities students from Newcastle, Durham and Queen’s University Belfast, which has facilitated a sense of community. This is a good opportunity to network as you can request additional supervision from a member of staff within one if these institutions, as well as being able to access their libraries and resources."

Funding my studies

"My degree is fully funded by a Northern Bridge Doctoral Training Partnership Studentship.

"I did receive funding information before I started the course. I had met my supervisor through another project and she let me know about the funding opportunities available. She was very supportive during the application process. My supervisor went above and beyond my expectations!"

Career aspirations 

"I would like to potentially remain in academia alongside continuing to develop my art practice. I will continue to develop my art practice, as well as actively contributing to research in the field."


"I currently rent my own flat near China Town. I found the whole accommodation process straightforward and it is very reasonably priced compared to other cities which is also a positive to studying my postgraduate degree in Newcastle."

Living in Newcastle

"Newcastle is a beautiful city in a gorgeous part of the country. It is small enough that you can get to know it while having plenty to do. The art scene is vibrant and includes a lot of former students. There are a lot of pop up studios and exhibits, and many other events going on. I also love having access to both the coast and major cities; I would definitely recommend Newcastle to my friends."

Remembering Newcastle

"My highlight has been having the opportunity to spend a significant amount of time focussing on ideas that I’m interested in. This has been such a luxury! Alongside this I’ve enjoyed being a part of the postgraduate community and having the opportunity to meet people from other disciplines."