French MLitt

Jemima S

Student Profile

About me

Name: Jemima
Course: French MLitt
Study Mode: Full time
Where I'm from: UK

Choosing Newcastle

"I had a great experience here at undergrad and found working on my undergraduate dissertation particularly rewarding. When my supervisor suggested that I continue my research at postgraduate level it seemed like the perfect opportunity for me. The research environment at Newcastle is brilliant and my supervisors are both excellent."

Studying at Newcastle

"I love the flexibility of my course and the opportunity to decide exactly where to take my research. I think this course is perfect for people who work well independently and have a real passion for their subject area, as you have the freedom to take it in any direction you want to.

"The workload is certainly higher than at undergraduate level, and it took some time adjusting to the autonomy – you have to be very motivated as no one checks up on you! I set my own working hours which is great and means I can work around other commitments. I have continued to take part in lots of extra-curricular activities with the music department and this has helped me to meet new people."

Postgraduate Community

"I was worried that my course would be very lonely as I don’t have any lectures, but I have met lots of research students who are in the same boat. We have great facilities in the School of Modern Languages including a postgrad common room and an office to study in. This means I’ve met all the Masters and PhD students, which has been great. They’ve given me advice on how to apply for PhDs and what they would have done differently. You soon find you’re part of a research community and this is helpful for the academic side of things as well. There are always conferences and symposiums being organised and lots of opportunities to get involved, meaning plenty of good stuff to put on your CV."

Funding my studies

"I was given a lot of advice by the head of postgraduate admissions and was helped to apply for a number of funding opportunities including the Northern Bridge funding and the Newcastle University Studentship. I was awarded a studentship by the University which covers my tuition fees and a maintenance grant."

Career aspirations

"I hope to go into academia, allowing me to teach at university level and to continue my research. I plan to undertake a PhD and the MLitt course at Newcastle has been perfect in preparing me for this – I have honed my writing and researching skills and have got used to working autonomously, which makes the idea of doing a PhD much less daunting."


"I rent a flat with a mix of graduates and research students who I met during my undergraduate degree. It was quite easy to sort out accommodation – there’s no shortage of flats to rent in Newcastle, particularly if you start looking early."

Living in Newcastle

"I love the feel of Newcastle as a city – it’s big and vibrant without being daunting or impersonal. You’re also never far from the coast and the countryside which I love, if you’re a bit stressed getting out of the city for an hour or two can work wonders. I would definitely recommend Newcastle to my friends."

Remembering Newcastle

"A highlight for me was teaching my first seminar this year and it turned out to be quite successful! Having opportunities like this will help me in preparing for my PhD and it was such a confidence boost to know that I could hold people’s attention and teach them something useful."