Global Human Resource Mgt MSc


Student Profile

About me

Name: Sophia

Course: Global Human Resource Management

Study mode: Full time

Where I’m from: Germany

Choosing postgraduate study

"My undergraduate course was designed to lead to further education; we had a general education about all aspects of business management, so that we could go ahead and focus on the most interesting part in postgraduate studies. Also, I quickly realised that while tourism is fascinating, it is not where I would want my career to go. Since I wish to work in Human Resource Management, I found that it would be best to study for a Master’s in this direction. A postgraduate degree also allows me to maybe gain a PhD at a later date."

Choosing Newcastle

"There are a few reasons why I decided on Newcastle University. First would be that the course is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD), and the ranking of the University overall (it has been recommended to me to go for one of the high-ranked schools). Second would be money. Living in Newcastle is way cheaper than most cities in the UK. Third reason is the location. I decided early on to stay in the UK for my Master’s, and I prefer the north of England over the south. Also, the ferry harbour with lines to Amsterdam, as well as the airport, make travel and visits from and to family easy. To be honest, being next to the sea was probably one of the most important factors for me, it appeals to my artistic side."

Studying at Newcastle

"I love how current and applicable the taught topics are. It really feels like what we learn will be useful in our future careers. Also, all teachers know what they are talking about. As students, we are expected to get involved and discuss topics during lectures and seminars, which allows for a deeper understanding of topics. I would certainly recommend this course for any friend interested in studying Human Resource Management.

"The size of my course is small, which I prefer because you have more opportunities to talk and contribute. I find that my voice is heard rather than lost in a seminar with fewer people. Since my undergraduate course was so small, we had no seminars. These are therefore a new experience, and I enjoy being able to discuss and interact with my classmates and lecturers more. It does feel like expectations are higher, and I need to spend more time when writing essays or revising for exams. However, it does pay off in the end."

Postgraduate Community

"My classmates and I like to meet up in the student hub for team meetings for our projects. Also, it is always nice to go to the library to study together. As well, I have taken part in some activities organised by the Students’ Union ‘Give it a Go’ including archery to try something new!"


"After living in student accommodation, I decided it was time to find something on my own. My flat is in North Shields, which is about 20-30 minutes by Metro from the Business School where my classes are and city centre. Apart from being quieter and closer to the coast, it is also considerably cheaper than living in the city centre (and even some of the student flats). There are fewer students around to meet up with though, but apart from that, it is perfect for me."

Living in Newcastle

"Living next to the sea has been a huge deciding factor when applying to universities, and it is what I probably enjoy most (even though it is too cold to go swimming most of the time). Also, Newcastle itself is a wonderful bustling city, and there is always something going on. Still, it only takes a short car or bus ride to get out into the countryside, and Scotland is only an hour away."

Funding my studies

"I am very lucky to be able to fund my studies through my family’s support and my own savings. I know that there is support and funding available if I needed it. It also helped me to find accommodation which is not directly in the city centre, as rent out in North Shields is a lot cheaper than in Newcastle centre.

"I received links to informative pages of the University’s website with my conditional offer, additional to general info in the prospectus I ordered before applying. Also, during induction week, we were made aware of different resources and people to consult in case of questions regarding funding and finances. Further, I received information on what to do if I was looking for a part-time job."

Career aspirations

"I would like to stay and work in Britain and Newcastle as long as possible. I am not quite sure in which direction my career will develop, but currently I think that I would like to work as an HR generalist in a small to medium enterprise, or in the public sector. The ultimate goal would be a place as Head of HR, and I think my Master’s course is providing me with the framework and knowledge necessary to approach this career."

Remembering Newcastle

"In the last lecture before Christmas, everybody wore a Christmas sweater and brought traditional food from their home country to share. It was great to spend some time eating and chatting with everybody over Wham! I think it truly brought us all closer together. It even made the following evening lecture bearable."


"Go for it. Newcastle is an amazing city, and Newcastle University is one of the best universities in the country. Do your research though, so that you can decide on the course that suits you best (there is a huge variety). Also, you do not need to live in the city centre; public transport makes it easy to travel around, so living in the outskirts can help you save a lot of money."