Heritage Studies MA, PGDip


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About me

Name: Peter
Course: Heritage Studies MA, PGDip
Study mode: Full time
Where I'm from: UK

Choosing Newcastle

"I chose Newcastle University as my sister studied both her undergrad and postgrad degrees here. She did an MA in Museum Studies and loved it. Having seen the type of work and activities she got up to on the course at Newcastle, I decided I would like to do something similar. Living in County Durham also meant that I did not have to relocate which was very appealing to me too."

Studying at Newcastle

"I enjoy having guest speakers in lectures. Having people who work in the industry, as well as PhD students, giving talks and engaging with the group is very enlightening in terms of what to expect and encounter in our future careers. The lecturers themselves are very enthusiastic about the subject which is very infectious. The vast amount of trips on the Heritage course is brilliant and takes the learning away from the classroom.

"I would highly recommend the course to my friends, especially those who have not followed up their first degree in Classics or History. Through this course you can continue studying your passion while also learning skills that are useful in a career.

"As an undergraduate I found that I had around three lectures a week in my final year. In comparison, I am now attending more than three lectures per day! It feels a lot better to have more lectures and still have enough free time for private study too.

"During the first half of the year the three disciplines of Museums, Galleries and Heritage studies were combined so we had a fairly large class (around the size of my first degree classes) and now I have lectures with eight or nine people depending on the day. The lectures feel a lot more informal which makes the learning feel more comfortable.

"The workload is taxing at times, especially when there are compulsory lectures during our work placements or dissertations to attend, but people do seem to be able to hold down part time jobs and complete the work on time.

"Outside of the course there are skills classes to improve things like writing style and data collection which is useful for dissertation work. Opportunities for volunteering and work experience are regularly advertised by the department, and we are often informed about exhibitions and other such things to visit too. I am currently involved in the Heritage Skills initiative which is a competition between North East universities to produce a conservation plan for a heritage site. This has given me additional hands on skills including stonemasonry, and the opportunity to collaborate and participate in group work."

Postgraduate Community

"The postgraduate community I have encountered stretches as far as the ICCHS community, though this may only be because I am not living in the city. There are areas around our building for consulting dissertations of previous graduates and I feel that lecturers treat you with a great deal of respect as MA level students. Networking opportunities are often advertised in emails.

"Opportunities present themselves like helping out with exhibitions put on by lecturers and participating in research enquiries by lectures and PhD students."

Funding my studies

"An email directed me to check if I was eligible for any funding and discounts were available for those who had previously studied at the University. I have funded the course through a loan from the parents (which I think means I’ll have to pay it back at some point)."

Career aspirations

"I would like to work in the heritage industry, though I cannot say exactly what my career would be. If it could tie in with my first degree I would be overjoyed. The programme has an eight week long work placement which will give me invaluable experience and new skills which will really improve my chances for employment in the field in the future."

Living in Newcastle

"I love the music scene in Newcastle and Gateshead. There are some world class venues, like The Sage, and some brilliant smaller venues like the Academy and The Cluny: all of which attract some brilliant artists. There are always music nights on in pubs around the city (including some great folk clubs) and quizzes too!

"I would recommend living in/or around Newcastle to my friends (who are not from the area) as it’s a really vibrant and lively place to be!"

Remembering Newcastle

"The highlight of my postgraduate experience has been making some wonderful friends from my course: they have made doing the course all the more worthwhile."