Industrial and Commercial Biotechnology MSc


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About me

Name: Kimberly
Course: Industrial and Commercial Biotechnology MSc
Study mode: Full time
Where I'm from: Britain

"I’m a 21-year-old Industrial and Commercial Biotechnology MSc student. Being born in Newcastle and living here all my life makes me a Geordie with a love for the city."

Choosing postgraduate study

"Biotechnology is the subject area of Biology that I enjoyed the most during my Biology undergraduate degree. I also hoped that studying on a Master’s course would increase my prospects of getting a job once I leave University. I am also considering eventually applying for PhD’s and I felt that a Master’s course would help me confirm my area of interest and increase my chances of securing a PhD place."

Choosing Newcastle

"I enjoyed studying on my Undergraduate degree at Newcastle and this was one of the primary reasons for me choosing to continue studying here. The alumni discount was another big factor in my decision to continue studying here at Newcastle. As I was planning on self-funding, a discount in my tuition fees was a big help. The University also offered several courses which interested me but the Biotechnology MSc was something I had been considering for the longest."

Studying at Newcastle

"I would say that what I enjoy the most about my postgraduate course is that it is based on a subject which I have a strong interest in. I have also enjoyed meeting new people as well as seeing familiar faces again from my undergraduate degree.

"I would definitely recommend this course to Biology graduates who have an interest in the area of Biotechnology.

"My class sizes are a lot smaller on my postgraduate course. It is nice being able to actually get to know everyone that you are studying with.

"Experiences from my undergraduate degree has taught me how to maintain a work/life balance during my postgraduate course.

"So far, I would say the level of work has been similar to that of the final year of my undergraduate degree. Semester 1 is purely composed of taught modules until I begin my thesis in semester 2 and 3."

Postgraduate community

"At the beginning of my postgraduate course I decided to join the University’s Debating Society. It’s a great way to get to know new people. I also find that the experience of debating has helped to increase my critical analysis skills in my actual University work.

"Everyone on my course is also part of a Facebook group where we can ask questions and discuss work.

"I am now a Postgraduate Student Ambassador which means I will get to work alongside other postgraduate students to promote the prospects of postgraduate study."

Funding my studies

"I received information about the postgraduate loan that was available from the government. I decided that I did not want to get into any further debt after my undergraduate degree so I chose not to take this.

"My tuition fees were self-funded while I work in order to fund general living costs. Living at home means I don’t have the additional costs of rent and bills to pay for. I work as a Student Ambassador for the University which generally involves working at open days and summer schools, giving campus tours and working at public lecture events."

Careers aspirations

"I thrive on being pushed to my full ability and having to work toward a goal. I would like to work in a job where I can work my way up to the top through hard work and commitment.

"Newcastle University offers a careers service which I know will aid me in applying for jobs by checking my CV and covering letters and providing constructive feedback.

"My course allows me to build on my previous lab experience which will be extremely beneficial should I wish to pursue a career in lab research."


"I am living at home as I do not live too far from the University. I can get a bus straight into the city centre which leaves only a short walk onto campus.

"I hear that accommodation isn’t too difficult to sort out though. My friends would arrange viewing just through a letting agent near by."

Living in Newcastle

"Newcastle is where I call home and I have always enjoyed living here. Although I have visited many other cities around the UK nothing quite compares to Newcastle for me. I love how the University campus is practically on the doorstep of the main city centre. The range of shops and restaurants/cafes is another thing I love about Newcastle. I would recommend this city to anyone.

"It is not just Newcastle that you can appreciate living here but there’s also Jesmond which has a Dene that you can walk around on sunny days and Heaton which has a park. Jumping on the metro can take you to the coast so you can visit Tynemouth or Whitley Bay."

Remembering Newcastle

"A lot of the friends that I made during my undergraduate degree also returned to Newcastle for postgraduate study which means I still get to see them, as well as the new friends I have made."


"Take the opportunities presented to you. As Shia LaBeouf might say: “Just do it”!"