International Business Management MSc

Matthew D

Student Profile

About me

Name: Matthew
Course: International Business Management MSc
Study mode: Full time
Where I’m from: UK

Choosing Newcastle

"I chose Newcastle University mainly because of its reputation. As a Russel Group University and with the multiple accreditations that the Business School holds, I thought it was an excellent place to take my next step in education and likewise boost my employability. Having been in the city of Newcastle for my undergraduate degree, I knew the lifestyle that would accompany my study and this was a significant factor too."

Studying at Newcastle

"I enjoy my course for many reasons and would certainly recommend it to friends who are seeking a business related career. The teaching is carried out in a modern building and provided by lecturers who are clearly very knowledgeable and well respected in their respective fields. Teaching methods are very engaging and the content is clearly very applicable to my future career ambitions.

"Furthermore, the ‘International’ aspect of my course truly is international and I have got to mix with lots of different nationalities and cultures which is interesting in itself.

"My experience of postgraduate level has been quite different from undergraduate level. The work has been somewhat harder and come at a quicker pace but I expected this knowing I was moving up a level and had an extra 60 credits to fit into the academic year. I have found that class sizes within lectures have been much larger, with over 100 people in some classes, although this has not hindered the engagement between the lecturer and students and for the most part lectures are still pretty interactive.

"Seminars are still in small groups, however these are a lot less frequent than before and I usually have at most two seminars a week and sometimes none at all. Outside of the course the opportunities are no different to those available to other students. I have made use of many career talks and skill sessions available and also enrolled upon the NCL+ Award in order help my future career prospects. The NCL+ award allows you to take on 70 hours of extracurricular activity to help enhance your CV and highlight your skills. I am also currently undertaking an advanced leadership course through the Careers Service, again as an added extra to enhance my CV while I’m studying."

Postgraduate community

"The Business School has excellent facilities that encourage a community spirit. Both the downstairs café and the Hub on the 8th floor provide the space to comfortably work or socialise with fellow students when you’re not in a class. Additionally, there are regular events from graduate employers or respected figures from the business world holding talks which give you valuable insights and the chance to speak with them to gain contacts or answer any questions you may have.

"The student mix within the Business School is very multicultural, as I have found on my course too, and I have enjoyed the opportunity to mix with people of fundamentally different backgrounds to myself. A lot of this has been facilitated through group work initiatives on the course which have allowed me to make friends with many more postgraduate students."

Funding my studies

"My decision to choose postgraduate study came quite late in the summer and as a result, the time between registering my interest and receiving went very quickly as I had to rush to meet the deadline for the Postgraduate Opportunity Scholarship. Once I had received my offer, the University provided regular update information about accommodation, the registration process and always made themselves available for further queries I may have had.

"I am a very fortunate recipient of the Postgraduate Opportunity Scholarship and this has covered my course fees and gave my bank balance a healthy boost too! Without receipt of the scholarship, I would have been pushed to afford the course so I am very grateful that the University had a scheme like this in place."

Career aspirations

"My career aspirations centre upon a career in business and management in particular. Upon leaving Newcastle, my ideal scenario would be to begin a graduate scheme which gives me responsibility from the off with a management role at the end.

"My course here at Newcastle is providing me with a strong knowledge of the academic theory behind a broad range of business practices. This approach has so far increased my awareness and made me consider issues that I hadn’t previously thought of. I’m hoping this will help me market myself to employers as someone who has an understanding of key business areas and therefore potential to develop expert knowledge through their training.

"Outside of my course, I have made substantial use of the Careers Service which has been given me useful insights into what employers want and how to demonstrate I have what they want. There are many employer presentations which also help you refine the kind of employer or sector you would like to go into upon graduation.

"Furthermore, the NCL+ award provides a good way to meet new people, demonstrate the kind of skills that employers like to see and show you are proactively looking to boost your employability. Hopefully all these things will contribute to a successful application upon graduation!"


"Having lived in student accommodation in Newcastle throughout my undergraduate degree, I made the decision to temporarily move back home with my parents and commute to the University each day from Hartlepool. It takes about 45 minutes by train. I chose this in the hope I would engage more with my studies and save some money in the process."

Living in Newcastle

"I’d certainly recommend Newcastle to friends! The city has everything you need to engage with your work and never be short of something to do once that’s done. The nightlife is excellent and there’s no shortage of bars and clubs to frequent and there are different nights which will cater to you whatever your taste in music. If you’re a big football fan like myself, there’s obviously the regular Premier League football but also plenty of non-league action nearby too."

Remembering Newcastle

"I haven’t been studying on my postgraduate course for very long and I feel like there is so much still to come although so far I have enjoyed meeting, working with and learning from new people from around the world who have lots to offer. I have continued on to postgraduate study simply to help my employability and boost my knowledge in a very practical area so I’d probably say another highlight has been how I can see the content of the course really benefitting me in the career path I hope to take."