Int Bus Mgt MSc


Student Profile

About me

Name: Michael

Course: International Business Management

Study mode: Full time

Where I’m from: United Kingdom

Choosing postgraduate study

"After suffering the misfortune of rupturing my Achilles tendon and contracting mumps all prior to my final exams, I don’t believe I was able to fully put my best foot forward and give my all towards my final exams. In light of this, I did not think I was finished my education and thought postgraduate study would be ideal for me.

"As well as this, I was attracted by the opportunity to broaden my knowledge within the finance and business sector. Being able to study International Business Management for a year after three years of studying Economics would allow a greater breadth of knowledge within this sector."

Choosing Newcastle

"Having completed my undergraduate degree at Newcastle University, I was already very comfortable with the city and had a knowledge of the surroundings. There are many factors to my decision to choose to study my postgraduate degree at Newcastle University from the reputation and my previous experiences of Newcastle University Business School to enjoying my time living in Jesmond.

"As well as this, being a Newcastle University Alumni meant that I received a 20% discount on my tuition fees, making tuition fees for the year more affordable. Coupled with the other factors, it was an easy decision to choose Newcastle."

Studying at Newcastle

"The broad range of material covered on the International Business Management postgraduate course at Newcastle University has driven my desire to apply and continue my studies at Newcastle University. The management consultancy module has particularly garnered my interest. Additionally, the potential to combine subject areas and practice-focused skills to develop not only my knowledge, but also my experiences of thinking and working like an international manager is one that appeals massively to me.

"Being a postgraduate student compared to an undergraduate student is very different. The work load is very different to that at undergraduate level. As an undergraduate, there was very little assessed work during the term as the course used the method of exams for almost every module. As a postgraduate student there is more free-time as the amount of contact time is significantly less than undergraduate level. However, given the amount of assessments during the term it requires a lot of work to be done in your own time."


"This year I am living in a shared house in Jesmond and renting. Having decided to do a postgraduate degree late, I did not follow the procedures I had taken in previous years to find accommodation. It was slightly harder to find accommodation this year as I was looking just for myself rather than for an entire house for myself and friends. As well as this, not being in Newcastle at the time of searching for accommodation meant I was not able to visit the house in person and instead had to view the house via Skype. The Castle Leazes Ticket Exchange group on Facebook is very useful for this as people use it as a forum to advertise spare rooms they have available in their student houses."

Living in Newcastle

"The aspects I enjoy most about living in/around Newcastle are the nightlife, living in Jesmond and how friendly the local residents are. Jesmond as a student location is arguably the best in the U.K with a majority of the houses being student houses. Being relatively small, it means that everywhere in Jesmond is walking distance and all of your friends live nearby. The town is also tailored to students through the wide range of supermarkets as well as a very large number of pubs and bars all located in the centre of Jesmond on Osborne Road."

Funding my studies

"I have funded my postgraduate studies via a postgraduate loan made available by Student Finance England. This loan is issued out to pay the tuition fees for the postgraduate course as well as for maintenance costs throughout the year and is divided out into three instalments, in line with each semester. This postgraduate loan is larger than that at undergraduate level as it is to be used to pay for tuition fees as well as living costs. You can request the maximum loan of around £10,200."

Career aspirations

"Following my postgraduate degree, I would like to go into the finance sector or management consulting, and I believe that this postgraduate degree will allow me to gain a more focused and detailed insight into this. I would also consider marketing to be an extremely useful skill, which can be applied to many aspects of life and in many jobs.

"As well as this, I believe the effort and skills needed to research and produce a dissertation will transfer very well to working-life after university."

Remembering Newcastle

"The highlight of my postgraduate experience so far has just been being able to study in Newcastle again. Having enjoyed my three years here for my undergraduate degree, the opportunity to continue it for another year was encouragement enough to come back. Being able to manage my time more as well as the assessment methods of my course have also been favourable skills to gain."


"Be prepared to make the jump. A postgraduate degree is more difficult than an undergraduate degree as it should be. Make sure you do your research on the course you wish to study beforehand. A postgraduate degree demands a higher level of understanding as well as much more independent study so be prepared to spend a lot of your free time working. Much more of the content is briefly covered with the expectation that you will develop your understanding in your own time, so there is even less of a chance of success using the lecture slides as a main source of information.

"Newcastle, as a city, is really good to study in. From the facilities made available to students to the nightlife to almost everything being in walking distance, there are countless benefits to studying in Newcastle."